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The Latest News:
1 June, 2024

     We have just uploaded another article to our collection of Short Articles.

     We have finally added a Mailing List to our site.  Our Privacy Policy is pretty simple ~ The only data we collect are email addresses, and the only thing we do with them is to send occasional announcements about our work.  We use Two Factor Authorization so that no one can add your email address without your knowledge and consent.

     Finally!  Someone else understands that all the catastrophes that are piling up on top of us are all related, and that Climate Change is at the root of it.  These are not just isolated phenomena, people ~ our world is burning up, and all other systems are crashing.  (I don’t know if I want to start adding background music to every essay, but if I were to add a track to this one, it would be When you Gonna Wake Up, by Bob Dylan.)   Stan Cox: We’re Having a Violent Meltdown

     We have added a Curriculum Vitae for the founder of The Evanescent Press.

     We have just corrected and updated One Planet Makeover.

     We have just corrected and updated Selected Articles: Metaphysics and Theology, 2017-2021.

     We just added a new link to our Links page - Good Links.

     We have just added a joke to our article World War III.  Might as well go down laughing.

     We have added a Summary Introduction to The Evanescent Press.

     We have just uploaded a new collection of essays taken from The Laughter of God, More Laughter, and Still Laughing -- One Planet Makeover.

      The e-book versions of The Laughter of God and More Laughter are now available.  Search any book vendor by ISBN number (The Laughter of God, e-book, ISBN: 978-0-945303-18-3; and More Laughter, e-book, ISBN: 978-0-945303-26-8).

     We have just released print editions of two books: The Laughter of God and More Laughter.  See Current List.

       Email -- We are always happy to receive letters from our readers, but since our email address ( is published on the web site, we receive tons of spam.  We scan these briefly looking for real messages, but if you wish to send a message, please put something in the Subject line to alert us that you are sending a “real” message.   Since we reply to all mail, if you do not receive a reply within a week or so, try sending your message again.   Our apologies if we have overlooked your message by mistake.

     A scanned copy of Theophany, published in 1979, may be seen here: Theophany.pdf.

     Tetragrammaton is now available online for free download.

     We have completed publication of a second edition of Patterns of Illusion and Change, with a digital version published here on the site.  First published in an edition of 1000 copies in 1984, it has been out of print for years.

     Work continues on the preparations to begin construction of a first pilot project of the New World Pulper based on the design of V.S. Krotov of Ukraine.  See Progress Report, and the Alternative Fiber Pulp Mill.

     We now have scanned images of our Hand Made Paper available.

     Introducing Agstone Construction -- our new project to make a building material from the same hemp and agricultural waste that we propose to use for alternative fiber papermaking. See also our article on Hemp for Houses.

     We have added another chapter to our long-running story of the Permit to Cultivate Hemp for the Paper Mill.

     The Sandalwood Man. The Church of the Living Tree has an active branch in Maui, where Mark Hanson has been propagating and planting sandalwood trees, which used to grow in abundance there.

     Pure Hemp Postcards: These Postcards are letterpress printed on our Handmade Pure Hemp paper. If your local hemp store doesn't carry them yet, direct them here.

     We have now published the complete text of Patterns of Illusion and Change, by John Stahl, an outline of the principle ideas underlying Hermetic Alchemy. We have also added the Latin text of the most important original source of Hermetic Alchemy: The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, along with our own English translation. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to check out the text of an otherwise unpublished article, Hermetic Alchemy, also by John Stahl. For more information about our other publications, go to the Current List.

     This site is intended to be constantly evolving. If you have any corrections, additions, suggestions, proposed links to other tree resources, or other comments, drop us a line at

John Stahl