Progress Report

Earth Pulp & Paper

February 21, 2012

      We are finally producing pulp and paper in a small mill in Southeast Asia.

      We have begun testing of our first pilot scale pulp mill.  So far, all indications suggest that our expectations will be fully realized on every point — we will not only be able to produce pulp of the very highest quality from hemp, kenaf, and other fibers, but we will be able to do so affordably, so that we will be able to produce various grades of non-wood pulp and paper at very low prices.

     We now proceed with a series of larger projects all over the world.  In the years to come, you can expect to find an increasing availability of non-wood paper products at ever lower costs.

     Our intention is to produce ever larger quantities of pulp for paper from alternative (tree-free) fibers in an environmentally friendly way, using agricultural waste and recycled cellulose (rags) as well as cultivated whole stalk hemp, flax, kenaf, or other fibers.  The pulp and paper industry is huge, so if we can introduce a more efficient and less toxic solution to the world’s demand for pulp, we expect this to provide a great positive benefit to the earth, its trees, and its people.

John Stahl

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