Drip Percolation Pulping with Aqueous and Aqueous Organic
Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide Solutions:

Environment-Oriented and Conserving Technology

by V. S. Krotov

An outline of a new technology developed in the Ukraine for producing paper pulp, with particular application to alternative (non-wood) fibers

     A new technology of pulping based on drip percolation using the liquid recovered from a spent solution is discussed. In this technology, one closed unit can integrate all the major processes of pulp production including raw material impregnation and cooking, stock washing and dewatering, recovery of the liquid fraction of a spent solution, collection and utilization of dirty condensates, utilization of secondary steam and condensate heat, and collection and removal of non-condensable gases without air entrainment with a view of their neutralizing or utilizing.


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Dr. Krotov's Address at Bioresource Hemp, Frankfurt, 1995

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