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 We have just released two books in print editions:

The Laughter of God and More Laughter.

We offer these books at 30% discount with free shipping, signed by the Author.

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One Planet Makeover, 2024, 444 pages, a collection of essays taken from The Laughter of God, More Laughter, and Still Laughing, formatted as an ebook for free download.

ISBN:  978-0-945303-27-5. . . . . Free.

More Laughter,  Further Writings of John Roland Stahl, Sixth Edition, 2018, 268 pages, twenty-eight with color, commercially printed and bound.  This is the Author’s second collection of essays of philosophy, theology, and metaphysics (following The Laughter of God, early writings to 2009), with forays into a surprising range of social, economic and political topics.

ISBN:  978-0-945303-25-1 . . . . . $36.00   (e-book edition: ISBN: 978-0-945303-26-8 . . . $2.50)


The Laughter of God,  Selected Writings of John Roland Stahl, Second Edition, 2009, reprinted 2018.  336 pages, twenty-three with color, commercially printed and bound.  The Laughter of God is an extravagant collection of essays, covering everything from the origin of the cosmos ex nihilo, to the planets and metals of Astrology and Alchemy, to the Tree of Life and Tetragrammaton of the Hebrew Kabbalah, to the Tao and the I Ching from China; describing the nature and meaning of God, the solution to the problem of evil, the nature of consciousness, and the future of life on earth.

ISBN:  978-0-945303-24-4 . . . . . $45.00   (e-book edition: ISBN: 978-0-945303-18-3 . . . $3.00)


Selected Articles: Metaphysics and Theology, by John Stahl, 1989-2024, 173 pages; formatted as an ebook for free download.

ISBN: 978-0-945303-23-7 . . . . . Free.

Tetragrammaton, The most abstract Keys of the Mysteries, drawn from Pythagoras, Hermetic Alchemy, the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, and the I Ching.   First published in 2009 for private distribution, ten pages; formatted as an ebook for free download.

ISBN: 978-0-945303-22-0 . . . . . Free.

The Laughter of God, Selected Writings of John Stahl, 2008, 336 pages, twelve with color; hand sewn signatures, commercial paper, paper covers.  This book includes all of the material in Hermetic Alchemy and Patterns of Illusion and Change (see below), plus a selection of other writings and essays covering quite a range of social, economic, and political ideas in addition to the philosophical writings.

ISBN: 978-0-945303-17-6 . . . . . $20.00      Out of Print

Hermetic Alchemy and Patterns of Illusion and Change
, by John Stahl, 2006, 50 pages, two in color; hand sewn signatures, commercial paper, paper covers.  This is a reprint of three of the the Author’s main works of philosophy – The Emerald Tablet, Hermetic Alchemy, and Patterns of Illusion and Change.

ISBN: 978-0-945303-16-9 . . . . . $12.00      Out of Print

Patterns of Illusion and Change, by John Stahl, second edition, with Postscript, 2005, Leggett; 36 pages, hand made paper, hand bound, sewn over tapes in hard covers with hemp cloth spine and corners, eight illustrations, one in color.

This book, originally published in 1984 in an edition of 1000 copies, has been revised and reprinted on hand made paper.  (See description below.)

ISBN: 0-945303-15-7. . . . $100.00      Out of Print

On Becoming an Angel, an original poem by Jeff Conant, 1993, Leggett; 20 pages, paper cover. Includes three woodcuts by Hawley Hussey. Letterpress printed on handmade paper, handsewn, in an edition of 101 numbered copies. Thumb printed by the Author.

Jeff Conant is a poet with one published volume of poetry as well as numerous poems published in a variety of poetry journals. On Becoming an Angel was produced as his major project in completion of a one year apprenticeship program with John Stahl at The Evanescent Press in Leggett, California, learning “the Art, Trade, and Mystery of a Papermaker,” as well as the arts of letterpress printing, and hand bookbinding. All paper making, printing, and binding was done by the Author.

The paper was made from cotton rag and half stuff, blended in the beater with kenaf and abaca. Both the kenaf and abaca were processed from raw fiber. Endpapers and spine covers included plum wine pulp, from plum wine produced at the Evanescent Press. Handmade headbands were made from hemp fiber twine.

ISBN: 0-945303-14-9. . . . . $125.00      Out of Print

New Solutions to the Problems of the Present Day - a Plan for International Prosperity and World Peace, by John Stahl, 1992, Leggett, 48 pages, paper cover.

The Author has been a student of abstract metaphysics, esoteric philosophies, Hermetic alchemy, the Kabbalah, and the I Ching for most of his life. His previous books (Symposium, Lapis Philosophorum, Jokes, Theophany, and Patterns of Illusion and Change) trace the evolution of the Author’s attempts to illuminate the principle mysteries of the cosmos.

In New Solutions, the Author has tried to apply what he has learned from his studies of the nature of process and change in the abstract to identify the most urgent problems threatening the survival of life on Earth, and then to discover appropriate solutions.

Obviously, the problems which must be addressed on a global scale are immense, and will not be solved overnight. On the other hand, the importance of the problems makes it all the more imperative to address them immediately. Life on Earth is an original history that is happening right now, and we must all accept responsibility for our participation in its evolution.

ISBN: 0-945303-13-0. . . . $4.00      Out of Print

The Declaration of Independence, by Thomas Jefferson et. al., 1776, reprinted by the Evanescent Press, Leggett; 16” x 20”, letterpress on hand made hemp paper.

Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence, announced and released by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, was written on paper made from hemp. This document was later copied onto vellum parchment (animal skin) and signed by the delegates on August 2, 1776.

This premier document of political liberation, which swept away an existing government as yesterday's news, declared the principle that political sovereignty rests ultimately with each individual, and that it is the right and duty of citizens everywhere to institute a new government whenever their old one no longer serves their needs.

Our reprinting of this document, as relevant today as ever, is reproduced from the final version, but letterpress printed on paper hand made from 100% true Cannabis hemp, including locally grown material.

There is room on the document if you care to add your own signature.

. . . . . . . .$20.00     Out of Print

The Emerald Tablet, by Hermes Trismegistus, translated from the Latin by John Stahl.

The Emerald Tablet is the most important original source of Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy. It was thought to conceal a Recipe for the preparation of the Philosophers’ Stone, including the Transmutation of Base Metals into Gold. However, it has always been clear to the Masters of the Alchemical Art that the Process described was of far more Universal Application; in fact, it is nothing less than the Process of Change itself through which (in the words of Aristotle) “Nature strives towards Perfection.”

1989, Leggett; poster, 16” x 20”, hand set letterpress on hand made paper, 60 copies.

. . . . . $15.00      Out of Print

1988, Leggett; 8 pages, paper cover. In this version of the Emerald Tablet, we reprint the text of the Latin version along with our own English translation.

ISBN: 0-945303-10-6. . . . $2.50

Tabula Smaragdina, 1990, Leggett, California; poster, 16” x 20”, hand set letterpress on hand made paper, 91 copies. The Latin text of the Emerald Tablet. . . . $15.00      Out of Print

Patterns of Illusion and Change, first edition, by John Stahl, 1984, Laytonville; 24 pages, paper cover, one color page letterpress. This book is an original presentation of a systematic arrangement of abstract ideas designed to illuminate the principle mysteries of the cosmos. The symbols used to express these ideas are taken primarily from the traditions of Hermetic Alchemy, the Kabbalah, and the I Ching. Despite the initial apparent obscurity of this material, the consequences and applications of its comprehension are limitless. Properly understood, it is a calculus of great power, whereby any situation of change may be analytically examined to interpret the present, explain the past, and predict the future.

Topics include: a new arrangement of the Tree of Life leading to a new interpretation of the Tetragrammaton, the Name of God, revered as such an august key to the mysteries of life as to be beyond the comprehension of man; the correspondence of the eight primary Trigrams of the I Ching with the planets of Astrology, the metals of Alchemy, and the colors of the aura; and the correspondence of occult metaphysics with contemporary physics and relativity.

ISBN: 0-945303-09-2. . . . $6.00      Out of Print

Coelum Philosophorum, (The Seven Canons of the Metals), by Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim called Paracelsus: an original alchemical text of the sixteenth century, translated by Arthur Edward Waite, London, 1894, reprinted by the Evanescent Press 1982, San Francisco; 32 pages, paper cover.

Paracelsus was a highly respected alchemist, Hermetic philosopher, and physician. Like most Hermetic literature, his writings seem to be hopelessly obscure, but Paracelsus warns us in his Preface to the Coelum Philosophorum that his work is not intended to be breezed over by the casual reader: “But this should be noted in the very first place: that these Seven Canons cannot be perfectly understood by every reader at a first glance or a single reading . . . Many persons, puffed up with pride, fancy they can easily comprehend all which this book comprises. Thus they set down its contents as useless and futile, thinking they have something far better of their own, and that therefore they can afford to despise what is here contained.”

Today’s readers, with some background in either alchemy or astrology, will surely appreciate this visionary work of a sixteenth century master. Long out of print, this priceless work deserves a wider audience.

ISBN: 0-945303-08-4 . . . . $4.50      Out of Print

The World Union Company, by John Stahl, 1980, San Francisco; various paperback versions, of which 100 copies included four pages of full color added by letterpress.

ISBN 0-945303-07-6 . . . $5.00       Out of Print

Theophany, by John Stahl, 1979, San Francisco, 134 copies; 24 pages, hand set letterpress, hand bound over cords in hard covers, hand made paper, four full color illustrations; leather covers, gold tooled, gilt edges. This ambitious project follows the Lapis Philosophorum as the author’s attempt to express the primary abstract patterns which underlie the functioning of the cosmos. It incorporates a lot of new material: relating the abstract patterns of metaphysics to the Tetragrammaton and the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah, and relating the planets and metals of astrology and alchemy to the trigrams of the I Ching.

ISBN: 0-945303-05-X . . . $450.00      Out of Print

A scanned version is available here: Theophany.pdf.

Theophany, by John Stahl, 1979, San Francisco, 175 copies; proofs of the main edition, printed on white proof paper, hand bound in hard covers (covers and end sheets hand made paper).

ISBN: 0-945303-06-8. . . $45.00     Out of Print     

The Shoemaker and the Elves, by the brothers Grimm, 1975, San Francisco, 108 copies; 16 pages, miniature, hand set letterpress, hand bound in hard covers, hand made paper, five point type, unleaded.

ISBN: 0-945303-04-1. . . $60.00      Out of Print

Jokes, by John Stahl, 1975, San Francisco; edition deluxe, 10 copies; 64 pages, hand set letterpress in five point type, hand bound in hard covers, hand made paper, miniature. In spite of the title, this is a serious book. The “Jokes,” (defined as “a separation of Illusion from Reality”), are designed to illuminate the same range of ideas as most of the author’s other works. The hand made paper used for this edition (made by Water Wheel Papers in San Francisco) was so gorgeous that the author was inspired to establish his own paper mill (twelve years later).

ISBN: 0-945303-02-5. . . $200.00      Out of Print

Jokes, by John Stahl, 1975, San Francisco, 250 copies; 64 pages, hand set letterpress in five point type, hand bound in hard covers, hand marbled endpapers, leather covers. The same book as above, printed on a commercially available paper.

ISBN: 0-945303-03-3. . . . $60.00     Out of Print

Lapis Philosophorum, by John Stahl, third edition, 1973, San Francisco, 250 copies; 24 pages, hand set letterpress, hand bound in hard covers. A more abstract version of the Symposium.

ISBN: 0-945303-01-7. .. . $30.00     Out of Print

A scanned version is available here: Lapis Philosophorum.pdf.

Symposium, by God and the Devil, 1971, Montreal, 100 copies; 32 pages, hand set letterpress, hand bound in hard covers. This is the author’s first attempt to elucidate the primary mysteries of the nature of Reality, Process, and Change. The first copy, bound while the ink was still wet, was completed one week after purchasing the original Evanescent Press (a small, hand operated platen press), in a burst of creative energy.

ISBN: 0-945303-00-9. . . . $40.00     Out of Print

A scanned version is available here:
Symposium by God and the Devil.pdf.

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