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© 1975
The Evanescent Press

“The way out is via the door.  

Why is it that no one will use this method?”

         – Confucius

God is perfect,

but the Devil is looking for another way.

You can always tell a book by it’s cover.

A Joke is separation of Illusion from Reality.

Everything is an over simplification.  

[The Inside and the Outside]

To make Order out of Chaos,

begin by throwing away the rubbish.

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

(Murphy’s Law)

When the Irresistible force meets the Immovable object,

we learn whether it was the force that wasn’t irresistible after all,

or the object that wasn’t entirely immovable.

Many are called but few are chosen.

The Majority is always wrong.

The source of Authority is the Power of God.

All Manifestation is Error.

The Philosophers’ Stone is the Key to the Process of Change.

(The point of balance)

You can only teach a person what he already knows.

Paranoids are people whom everyone persecutes.

The Devil take the hindmost.

The more something happens,

the more it happens again.

The Magician directs the Attention.

The Illusion is more important than the Reality.

Magic Power means Solitude.

What are you doing?

— but not very often.

(Sometimes the devil has a good idea.)

Lose at the beginning.

The more it changes, the more it remains the same.  

The longer it remains the same, the more it tends to change.

         (From Talleyrand)

To win at Roulette:

When you’re winning, bet more,

when you’re losing, bet less.

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”

         – Oscar Wilde

If you give up trying to live, the world will let you die.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

It’s all part of a larger plan.

The Focus of Attention is the Philosophers’ Stone.

The Illusion depends on the Point of Perspective.

The less you use it, the more powerful it is.


“He who knows does not speak.

He who speaks does not know.”

         — Lao Tzu

Positional Chess: maybe it doesn’t win,

but there’s no way it can lose.

After Man, the Desert.

I’ve learned two things about people:

the first thing is that everyone’s different;

the second thing is that all people are the same.

“Clay does not, of itself, become a pot.”

         – Paracelsus

The Truth is not the same for everyone.

Time is the measure of Error.

In General, it is the Same;

in Particular it is Different.

The Light rises; the Heavy descends.

– Yawn –

The Magician always knows the Joke.

Is it better to hold back, or to let go?

Priority: the importance of Sequence.

“Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.”

         – From Leibnitz

Eritis sicut Deus, scientes Bonum et Malum.

“Beware of what you wish for in youth,

because you will get it in middle age.”

         – Goethe

“Approach ye ever the Infinite Wisdom,

ever before thee recedes the Goal.”

         – Doreal

Go Back.

When you can no longer go back, go forward.

The secret is the Philosophers’ Stone.

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