Money, Power, Politics, & God

by  Roland Stahl
April, 2013

      It is clear to everyone that there is something terribly wrong with our world today, but no one seems to know just exactly what the problem is, or what to do about it.   The financial markets seem to be central to it all, and, in fact, it boils down to Money as the root and center of the problem, which will come as a big surprise to everyone.  

     Historically, the history of civilization has mainly been a non-stop game of King of the Mountain, based on the simple principle that superior force will win the point.   That game is still going on, and it isn’t going to go away any time soon, but there is an aspect of Power that has become more and more important lately.  The consequences of physical war at today’s level of capability of destruction would mean the end of life on earth, or at least the end of human life.   There may be breeds of insects that will be able to adapt and survive, but the human race is finished, about the time that the planet is totally worn out, anyway.   No, in today’s world, Money is the dominant expression of Power, and it is intimately connected to all other problems; it just depends upon the point of view.

     When you understand the meanings of the Colors of the Aura, you will begin to see them easily (vide: Tetragrammaton and The Colors of the Aura).   On this scale, the Planet Earth, Gaia, is struggling at the limits of survival, way down at the Reds and Violets.   Only Black is lower down, as the absence of all life.  

     I think there may have been a time, perhaps not much more than 500 years ago, when the Earth was a green and healthy planet, very much a going concern, glowing bright Yellow and Green, with some very bright flashes of White Light.   And now look at it!  It is barely alive at all, and struggling on a daily basis for survival.   There are plenty of human beings who have been there, let alone planets.  

     It is true that the Modern Age has seen some incredible developments: the whole Computer and Internet Age has sprung up from nowhere, establishing a very certain line in the history of the evolution of the human race.   Yet, at the same time, the biological side of the picture has been bleak to unsustainable.   The Earth is dying; and this is a problem the human race will just have to solve, because if the planet no longer supports life, nothing else is worth very much.  

     But, even though observers like Lester Brown (World on the Edge) try to demonstrate practical ways in which the ravages of this decline might be abated, it almost seems to have been given up as a lost cause, and everyone simply grabs what they can as they prepare to jump ship.   But it is like the sinking of the Titanic, where there really wasn’t anywhere the passengers could safely go, so they all died.  

     This biological problem with the planet is not the only threat to the survival of the human race: at the same time there is monumental confusion about the role of money and banking, and the world is embroiled in endless political skirmishes as people struggle for survival or dominance in one place or another.   All three of these problems come together, and they have to be solved all at once and together, and from the beginning, ex cathedra.  

     The solution to Political chaos is perfectly obvious: of course there must be one world government, that goes without saying.   Visionaries like Teilhard de Chardin, Bertrand Russell, and Einstein have known it all the time.   It is obvious and inescapable.  

     But it is the Money problem that I want to address directly here.   “Money” is a universal abstraction, like Time, and Power.   You cannot say, “We have agreed not to observe Time anymore; for us, time no longer exists.” Nor can you say, “We have all agreed not to observe Power anymore, and we have all turned in our guns.” Neither can you do away with the concept of Money.   You cannot reject Money without rejecting Mathematics, which, as everyone knows these days, is the basis of the Origin of the Cosmos, or God (Pythagorean school).  

     It was simple enough to figure out the solution to the problem of Power: there must be a single, one world government.   But the solution to the enigmas of Money are far more complex, and many attempts have been made to explain how it all works.

     But, since we decide to begin at the top, ex cathedra, the present historical chaos of financial entanglements is all wrong in so many ways!  Most people have begun to realize by now that the entire “banking industry” is a fraud, designed to perpetuate the wealth of the owners above everyone else.   There is no reason why “money” has to imply any debt to anyone, certainly not the banks, which are the beneficiaries of the whole program.   So, of course, we must start with a tabula rasa, so that we might be uncluttered with historical baggage.   The first conclusion is that there must only be one Currency.   That’s not an exclusive demand: no other money!  The point is that there must be One final medium of Exchange, against which anything else may be measured (the annual tax on property, for example).   This Original Central Bank will be in the care of a very carefully selected Trustee.   My own idea is to entrust the responsibility of selection to a Seminary of students drawn from all over the world at an early age to form a School of International Studies, which would self-select one of themselves to represent them as the Trustee.   But other selection methods might be suggested.  

     Since Money is a universal abstraction, an examination into the workings of financial transactions will provide a very complete picture of all energy in the system.     The Human Race, and all of Gaia, is currently enjoying the historical inheritance of Money/Power, playing itself out on the stage of the world.   A jungle of private banks and corporations is like a jungle of sovereign states, or a jungle of wild animals, or a jungle of hungry men.   There must be One World, Gaia; One Currency of Exchange; and One Primary Bank, under the direction of a Trustee of the World who has been very carefully chosen.  

     The operation of money becomes very simple: the Trustee of the World would maintain a Currency for the settlement of transactions; and they would set rates of exchange at their discretion.   The One Bank would create the Currency at will, and regulate its growth and supply by a tax on property, whenever the money supply exceeded levels determined to be optimum.   The Trustee would be the Director of this Bank.

     Since the World Bank would have unlimited funds, it would simply spend the money in ways that would seem to maximize the effectiveness or necessity of what it needs to do.   For example, my idea of providing free farms where anyone can go and simply eat and sleep for free, could be maintained at no cost whatsoever: to a very large extent, the State will want to put plenty of Money out into the world, and this is an excellent way to do it!   Of course, spending money to feed hungry people, or building hospitals and schools and roads, will always be useful.   Now, all action decisions are based on the profit motive, which is a very big mistake.   At the level of global survival, it it is an entirely unacceptable process.   Yes, a gradual increase of the supply of money can go on forever, but when it exceeds its optimal expansion, it is possible to reel it back in through a universal property tax.   (No other taxes would need to be applied, other than a “resource depletion tax” which would be levied specifically to regulate consumption, not to raise funds.)

     I think that the important place to begin is to assemble a Seminary of Candidates, carefully selected from all over the world, for expressions of potential excellence.   I would like to find a benefactor who would cover the expenses of founding such an institution.   An International School of International Studies, in which every candidate is accepted at full scholarship for life, would certainly create a very powerful ferment.

     This is an Alchemical Vessel, and the ferment that would result could very well be considerable and could produce the energies required for the accomplishment of the Great Work of Alchemy, and an Incarnation of God on Earth, Who will own the Bank, and spend the Money.  

     Finally, whence comes the final authority for this Trustee?  Of course, it can only come from God.   There seem to be very few people left on our planet, as it is worn down to a sorry frazzle, who know how to get strength from God anymore.  

     I am presupposing that the final selection of the Seminary of the World as Trustee will not only produce someone who will be extremely competent and will fulfill the expectations people will have, but who will also become the channel for a very huge jolt of energy, which will seem to be a manifestation of God, Theophany.   Actually, the energy behind this is God, and this is a deliberate exercise of classical magic.

     The world needs a new Avatar.   None of the others have really satisfied all requirements, although some of them have enjoyed an extended vogue, at times.   The concept of the Divine Right of Kings comes from the obvious idea that the power of a King can only come from God.   There is no other way this can work.  

     All we have to do is set it in motion by selecting a Seminary of Candidates for Trustee of the World.   The school itself will set up its own energy and momentum, and participate in the unfolding of the infinite cosmos.  

     When the Trustee has been selected, it will be up to Him or Her to achieve the recognition and acceptance required to ride to a position of closure, when everything is settled to the point where the Trustee is regarded more and more widely as the central authority and final bank for the settlement of transactions worldwide.   Money means Credit, and the intention is to settle that in one place, to establish a solid base upon which the foundations for the future evolutions of the human race can be established.  

     The Interum of Transition may provide unimaginable obstacles.   But if it succeeds, then World Peace would be achieved, and a new Golden Age will follow.

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