The Colors of the Aura

by  Roland Stahl
April, 2013

      When you add the Colors of the Aura to the patterns of energy described by the trigrams of the I Ching, the planets of Astrology, and the metals of Alchemy, it is easy to see anything in terms of its life energy just by considering the visual impact represented by the color of its aura.   When Life is broken down into its elements, there is Chaos and Death at the bottom, then Aggression and Failure, War and Peace, the Giving and Receiving of Love, and, at the top, the Point of Perfection, Love, and Bliss: Union with God.  

     There are eight patterns of energy in this cycle of life, and each one can be easily understood by means of its color: Black is the color of death and chaos; Red is aggression and anger; Violet is rejection and defeat; Orange is war; Blue is peace; Yellow is giving love; green is receiving love; and White is union with God.  

     The color of the aura reflects the spiritual evolution of the energy form.   These auras are not only visible in people, but plants and animals, and even planets, may be seen with their auras clearly displayed.   There is a simple and obvious hierarchy of spiritual evolution, from the violence and anger of the lower levels, to the higher and much healthier expressions of life energies reaching upwards to love and union.   In an earlier article (The Metaphysics of Sex), these same patterns of energy were viewed within the context of sexual expression.  

     At the end of life, back to the original chaos, there is the color Black.   Then there are the edges of life and death: Red, the color of aggression, anger, and violence, and Violet, the color of rejection and failure.   Above this there are the energies represented by the colors Orange and Blue: war and peace.   From here, the ranks thin out considerably, as so much of the world, its animals, its plants, and its people, seem to be living their lives in the realms of the lower energies, represented by the darker colors of their aura.   Planet Earth, Gaia, is dying, twisting and turning in the sordid colors of Red, aggression, anger, and violence, and the Violet of rejection and defeat, always edged with Black, and within all of this turmoil on the face of the planet, most of the plants, animals, and people living on the earth seem to be affected by that powerful vortex of negative energy, and so they are caught up in the same energies and colors.  

     In fact, a considerable amount of energy has to be expended in order to get some upward traction in spiritual evolution, in the face of a dying planet that no longer supports life.   There have been many efforts to turn this around, first on a personal level, and then on a planetary level, but the heavy weight of inertia makes it hard to break free.  

     So it is perfectly clear: if we want our world to survive, and to grow into a healthier world for us to live in, it is essential for all animals, plants, and people to elevate the horizons of their spiritual growth, so that, as Gaia, we can continue to survive.  

     Voltaire figured out long ago that we should all go out and work in the garden: that is the solution to all of the problems of the world.   All systems of life must follow the natural process, from organic composting, mulch, and earth worms, to a complete avoidance of chemical fertilizers for the fields, and pharmaceutical drugs for people and animals.   These drugs are all of a piece, and they are killing off the bees, and soon the genetically modified soybean and corn, along with copious amounts of glyphosate Round-Up, will kill off the rest of us.   It is already happening: the growing prevalence of cancer is just one of the visible effects of living in a world environment which is becoming more and more hostile to life.  

     So, let us go out and work in the garden, and, with enough sunshine and rain, there will be plenty of green once again on the earth.   All of our wounds have to heal, and we must all together try to ascend to a healthier state of life, and try to nurture our planet and ourselves back to health.

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