The Aura of a Dying Planet

Roland Stahl
March, 2022

     It has been clear to me for some time that all the horrible news bombarding our planet (even literally) is all related.  In my studies of Hermetic philosophy and the nature of human consciousness and the colors of the aura, I have observed that as consciousness rises, and the aura colors become brighter, all things improve ~ one’s personal, social, and business affairs will all prosper; one’s health will improve; one will be happier and live longer.  It even affects our physical bodies ~ people with high and rising auras experience an effect of “reverse aging” as they actually become more attractive physically.  Of course, the converse is also true ~ when one’s consciousness is in decline, things begin to fall apart; the aura becomes darker; everything begins to get increasingly worse ~ one’s personal life will encounter ongoing problems; one’s business affairs will suffer losses; one’s health will decline; and the person’s aging process will begin to accelerate as one sinks into the grave.  

     All of these notions are very directly applicable to the aura of our planet, which has been declining in overall vitality for generations, even centuries, with accelerating catastrophes hastening the descent of our planetary aura into the Black.  It may not seem obvious at first that Putin’s war invading and pulverizing Ukraine, the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, the “worst drought in 1200 years” causing more and more devastating wildfires in the western part of the U.S., the pandemic raging out of control, the loss of the Trees, the death of the oceans, and the deteriorating political problems all over the planet are all connected events, but they are all inevitable consequences ~ and continuing causes ~ of a planetary aura which is rapidly descending into the Black.  (For a review of the theories underlying these ideas, see The Survival of Life on Earth, The Colors of the Aura, Evolutionary Leap Now, and In Honor of Jesus Christ.)

     I am thinking again of the potential importance of such a dramatic visual representation of this picture of the decline of our planetary aura as the proposed website, in which the whole planet of the earth could be mapped according to the prevailing (and changing) colors of the aura.  I remarked in Evolutionary Leap Now about how the events of September 11, 2001 would show up on the map as a dramatic plunge of the Aura downwards.  Now, with the current horror of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (I lay the blame on Vladimir Putin rather than Russia ~ the Russian people are simply led along by the insane dictator, who allows no other narrative than his own, as in the notorious 1984, by George Orwell, published in 1949, although “the paper is still damp from the press” as if it were just published yesterday) the Map would again show a precipitous plunge of the aura around Ukraine, with effects continuing throughout the world, with only slightly lessening effects as the distance from the epicenter increases.  

     Such a website would be a huge project, not only its initial construction, but also its ongoing maintenance in response to events of the earth.  I think that most people are just bewildered and numbed by the ongoing rush of dystopian manifestations assailing our planet, and they just don’t know how to comprehend it or cope with it.  A website and Map that would portray these effects visually would provide the all-important overview that would help people to see the connections between the apparently disparate events going on.  And all of this, of course, is intended as the precursor to initiating some massive efforts to stop this train rushing downhill at accelerating speeds, and to begin some coordination of a plan to reverse some of this catastrophic collapse of our planet and its fragile biosphere.

     I do not have the resources or the skills to accomplish such an important project on my own, so I am calling out for some help with this, before it is too late.  

     “Before it is too late”?  I was just reading an article today that lamented that the biological collapse of the Brazilian rainforest may be already past the point of irreversible damage, just like the melting ice caps.  Is it already too late to save this planet of ours?  I don’t know, but, just as the people of Ukraine continue their resistance no matter how overwhelming the odds against them are, so, too, we must make immediate efforts to halt the collapse of our planet’s ecosystem with faith and hope, whether it seems to be too late to save anything or not.  If you can help, please step forward.

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