The Noosphere

Roland Stahl
March, 2017

     I am just reading over The Phenomenon of Man by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, one of the most significant books in the history of philosophy.  His thesis is that the evolution of the universe is the evolution of Life, and that the evolution of Life leads inevitably to the evolution of consciousness.  

     He sees this evolution on an inevitable trajectory towards an increasing of consciousness towards some unknowable future state which he calls the Omega Point.  He leaves it there, not hazarding a speculation as to the nature of such a point, but he understands it as a transformational point by which ontogenesis, biogenesis, and noogenesis make a major breakthrough to a whole new plateau, as profound as the initial transformation into Life from the chance agglomerations of matter, or the transformation into the level of reflective thought and consciousness from the instinctive level of lower animals.  

     Today’s meditation is a speculation as to the nature of that evolutionary advance which will lead life and consciousness into these new levels of experience.

     I suggest that this transformational point which we are in the process of crossing is the transition from individual consciousness to planetary-wide bio-consciousness.  Actually, Teilhard de Chardin suggested as much, but he clearly anticipates that there will be much about this new experience that is beyond speculation.  This evolutionary leap may take a great many years to be fully accomplished, but I expect that we will see more and more people sharing a planetary-wide consciousness as the years go by.  Together we will form a whole new plateau in the expression of Life leading to monumental changes in every aspect of our existence.  

     I have always felt that I were “tuning in” messages from the planetary-wide “Gaia consciousness,” not only in terms of philosophical ideas, but also in terms of planetary evolution.  Now, some of my ideas may seem way beyond radical (vide, e.g., A Total World Makeover), but eventually the ideas may be accepted as inevitable.

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