A One World Total Makeover

being a re-statement of my plan to save the world

Roland Stahl

     Well, at least I’m not the only one.  I wonder why this world is in such a terrible mess when so many people are crying out about all the problems.  But crying out is not enough; pointing out all the problems does not advance the argument very much at all.  In order for any change to happen, someone has to do something.

     I have always found myself thinking about the largest and most serious problems of the world.  Whenever any problem appears, I always want to go to the root of the problem – the ultimate root – because it has always seemed to me to be so much energy wasted if you do not address the most important and fundamental issues first.  

     It is perfectly clear that the single most important issue, from the point of view of the survival of life on earth, is the ongoing collapse of our very fragile eco-system in the biosphere of our little wandering planet.  (Plant more trees!)

     But before any of those issues can be adequately addressed on a planet-wide basis, it is necessary to forge a political union of the whole earth.  Yes, of course – One World Government, and A New World Order.  It is not surprising that everyone is so terrified of this, because the obstacles to such a cataclysmic and potentially explosive change in the fundamental stability of the earth are so enormous that no one can think of any way to proceed.  But the problems of the world are not going to be solved with baling wire, Scotch tape, black thread, or mirrors, let alone chewing gum, and any efforts in those directions are totally useless while our planet is dying all around us.  What this planet needs is a total make-over from the top.  Unless we shoulder the responsibility ourselves, the only hope for the earth is deus ex machina – literally.  Otherwise, there is no future for this little world at all.  Our world is rapidly falling apart on all sides, driven by the biological processes of our dying planet, and exacerbated by the ensuing and compounding ecological, social, political, and economic collapse all around us.  

     In fact, the only possible solution to this problem must be theological.  It was not for nothing that the old kings used to claim to rule by divine right, since it is clear that the only source of authority must come from God.  But that, of course, is the crux of the whole problem – who will convey and certify the Word of God to Man?

     How could any of the diverse nations in the world agree to give up their sovereignty to any other entity? And yet, a solution to the problem has to be found – and I found one over forty years ago that I still think is the best and only possible solution (if you have a better idea, put it forward; don’t wait).  And that is to create a Seminary of children selected at a young age from all over the world to form a School of International Studies that would be fully endowed to cover all the expenses of the students, the teachers, and all additional staff.  It would be dedicated to an on-going in-depth study of the world’s problems, region by region.  In addition to the best possible regular teachers, there would be an on-going program of different specialists making special presentations to the students.  Then, at some future time (perhaps thirty years later), the seminary would meet together and choose one of their number to represent them as the instrument to interpret and execute the Will of God on Earth.  He or she would then appoint members of a new seminary to ensure a stable continuity.

     This idea of the seminary is like an alchemical vessel, and the intent and purpose is literally to conjure an Incarnation and Avatar of God.  If this sounds like an exercise in Classical Magic, you are entirely correct; that is just exactly what it is.  But it is not Black Magic – it is not the furtherance of our own will that is sought, but a vehicle through which, once again, God’s Voice may be heard on our planet, in Her time of need.  

     You might think that all of that is a tall order, and quite enough for one day’s work, but that is only the one single most pressing problem of our day; there are others.  For example, after the Source of Authority be established and a World Government be instituted under the direction of this new Avatar, who will speak with God’s Voice – (this plan was first suggested at the establishment of the Church of the Living Tree [quod vide: tree.org], and this Avatar of God was called “The Advocate for the Tree”) – after all of this has been arranged, it is time to address the third most pressing problem (after the Source of Authority, and the Biological Restoration of our planet) – Economics, the basis and nature of Money.  

     At present, the jungle of Money is just as serious and wild a problem as the political chaos on the ground.  This prevailing economic jungle is a hold-over from the days of feudalism (money being simply a liquid form of property), with sources of capital concentrating in fewer and fewer hands all the time, while the rest of the world is dying of poverty, starvation, and war.  

     The solution here for a brand new make-over of the world financial system is comparable to the political solution, and, in fact, becomes its primary arm of implementation for its policies.

     First of all, instead of money being understood from the point of view of debt, I think it should be understood as credit.  The World Government, under the authority of the Advocate for the Tree (or whatever he might be called) would create and issue credit as needed, denominated in a new currency.  These days, most financial transactions are done by computer, but there would also be some issuance of paper currency, as needed.

     To start with, other currencies would be honored for a determined value in the new currency.  Other currencies, however, would be deliberately devalued over time to expedite the economic transfer to the new world currency.  The value would be easily maintained and adjusted by means of a universal tax on property, which would be taken annually and which would have to be paid in the new currency.  All other taxes would be eliminated, except for those that come under the heading of “Resource Depletion Taxes.” Otherwise, there would be an entirely free market, with no business taxes or income taxes, with everyone free to pursue their own road to financial independence and security.  

     For those who run out of money or resources, a network of Free Farms would be set up for the housing and feeding of the indigent.  Schools would be free, and hospitals and health care would be largely subsidized.  Inner city transit trains and buses would run for free.  Anything which needed to be done anywhere in the world would simply be paid for by the State.  I can also imagine that the State would run non-profit food stores, clothing stores, and hardware stores.  Anyone would be free, of course, to set up any competing markets, probably by providing specialty items not found in the government stores.  

     The rate of the universal property tax would be determined by the optimum amount of the money supply.  The interesting thing about this economic system is that the government would simply create whatever money it needs.  Then, when taxes are collected, they would be automatically removed from the property owners’ accounts with the World Bank.  Where would the “money” go? It would simply be annihilated, roughly balancing out the funds created by the government constantly as it goes about its business, addressing problems and needs as they occur in the world.  Private investment banks would be perfectly legal, but the World Bank would pay no interest and charge no fees – and it would certainly not “bail out” any failing banks!

     Some people may think that this is just a form of Communism, and it is true that it incorporates many features of that political and economic philosophy, but where it differs is in the complete freedom of everyone to participate in the free market in any way he or she wishes – most of the really important and innovative products and services would always be provided by the private sector, and there would always be new opportunities unfolding as our world evolves.  

     Most Americans take it as an article of faith that Democracy, as enshrined in the Constitution, is the best form of government ever devised.  Many people are willing to admit that there are some flaws in the system, but the inevitable conclusion is that “In spite of its flaws, American Democracy is still better than any known alternative.”

     Well, the U.S. Constitution was a product of its times, and was admirably suited to the needs of the fledgling State.  However, as Thomas Jefferson himself so insightfully recognized, the longer any government persists, the more it will be taken over by an Establishment of wealth and power that cares more (– a lot more; try “exclusively cares”) about the preservation and enhancement of its own wealth and power than about any other concerns of the country or its “little people.”

     This has become more and more dramatically evident as the years roll by.  Democracy might have been a good idea, but we don’t live in a Democracy anymore, except in name.  The System that has evolved in the U.S.A. is a “Capitalist Plutocracy.” And now, as I write in January of 2017, we have a Capitalist Plutocrat as our President-elect who seems to be intending to make America great again for the 1%, while the rest of us run very fast trying to stay in the same place, and our world slips ever more deeply into necrosis.  The trees are gone; the topsoil is gone; the animals and honeybees are dying off; the oceans are dying; the polar ice caps are melting.  (I understand you can pick up prime ocean-front property in Bangla Desh for a song and a dance.) The death of our planet and the survival of life on earth just don’t seem to rate as very high priorities to the ones holding the ownership of the planet in their portfolios.  

     So, I venture to suggest that the political chaos in the world is not limited to the Middle East, but is a systemic problem the whole world over, including our own little corner of it.  Our Constitution has outlived its usefulness, and our system has become corrupted just as Thomas Jefferson predicted that it would be.  It is not only time for a new political institution in this country, but the citizens of the world can not afford to wait any longer before a whole new Contract be worked out that encompasses a vision for the entire planet, and entrusts the executive authority of the planet to a carefully considered institution that will safeguard the health of the planet and the rights and welfare of its citizens for the benefit of future generations.

     Yes, there are plenty of problems yet remaining, but nothing much can be done about them until these three big ones are accomplished.  

     Oh – how are these little improvements going to be introduced to the world, you ask? I never said it was going to be easy, yet there is a way – the keystone of the arch is this hypothetical Seminary.  Well, that can be started immediately, as soon as funding becomes available to endow the institution with operating funds.  Then the world will have thirty years or so to get used to the idea.  During those years, all existing problems will probably be getting a lot worse (declining state of the world’s eco-system as the dying planet causes continuing climate change, political chaos, economic chaos, over-population, demographic changes, etc.), so that this new Avatar of God may be recognized and welcomed for what he or she would be – a last chance to heal the planet, evolving into a sane, safe, and stable world, where all of our children might have one more chance to stay alive.  


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