It’s Not Going to Get Better

Roland Stahl
Season of the Witch, 2022

     No one seems to have figured it out yet.  Everyone thinks that what’s happening now is some sort of temporary aberration.  They see inflation, and they think that some new monetary policy will correct the problem.  They see political establishments turning more and more to the extreme right wing, and they think it’s just the ebb and flow of cyclical change.  But what we are looking at is the face of planetary collapse.  All of the problems of the world are dragging down the level of planetary prosperity, from pandemics to war and climate change, with its devastating droughts, fires, floods, and tropical storms.  And all of this is causing a corresponding spiritual decline.  And downward directions, just like upward directions, are self-reinforcing.  The further down you go below a hypothetical balance point, the faster the rate of collapse.  It’s like the mirror image of an explosion pattern.

     And when times get hard financially, the sharpeners take over.  Sharpeners emphasize differences, and levelers emphasize commonality.  When global prosperity increases, the sharpeners back off, and everyone enjoys the general prosperity.  But when times are hard, the distinctions between rich and poor increase, as the sharpeners ratchet up the pressure for their personal benefit.  Tolerance is a leveling phenomenon, and intolerance and discrimination are sharpening phenomena.  An extreme of leveling would be my idea of Free Farms.  The extreme of sharpening is fascism.  The far right is the least tolerant, by definition.   If the rest of the world becomes uninhabitable, do we let everyone come to Denmark?

     All over the planet we are seeing a massive shift to the right, as the sharpeners of the world consolidate their gains and continue their goal of pillaging the planet as fast as they can so they can hold onto some benefit, while most of the rest of the world plunges into anarchy and chaos.  It is useless to start naming countries which are moving to the extreme right ~ they all are: Italy, Sweden, Israel, just to mention some recent news.  The descent of the Unites States into chaos is especially discouraging.  

     So this is not some temporary blip on the scene ~ this is the continuation of the downward spiral into chaos, darkness, and death that visionaries have seen happening for over a hundred years.  The current signs are so discouraging that there is no more hope of any change for the better.  It is only going to get worse and worse from now on.  It’s too late; the last lifeboat has sailed long ago.   Those who left with Timothy Leary’s Space Migration in the 70s were the last to get away.  More and more people are carrying guns ~ in Texas you no longer need a permit to carry a gun openly.  

     The poor will be relentlessly squeezed as the wealthier classes take more and more for themselves, leaving nothing for anyone else.  Prices will go up; rents and property will go up; food will start becoming scarce and expensive (get used to insect protein meal).  Uprisings and rebellions will become even more commonplace, all over the earth, and as harshly repressed as ever (Burma, Iran, Hong Kong).  War will continue spreading its black cloud over Civilization, wherever it tries to rear its head.  The poor will start dying off at increasing rates as the wealthy people of the world retire to safe communities, leaving everyone else on the edge to fend for themselves, in an increasingly harsh world.  Welcome to the modern dystopia.  We are living it now; we were there.  (Will there be any survivors? Will people suddenly notice these writings, and put a huge movement into play that will create a whole new world, a Golden Age?)

     Metaphysically, I have been seeing this as the spreading dominance of the Red and Purple Auras over the earth ~ endless struggle, violence, and oppression everywhere.  Now there is less and less of the honest work and toil of Orange, or cultivation of the garden, and certainly little enough peace and rest at the Blue level.  Anything higher up than that has been erased from the picture long ago.  Now the whirlpool of Red and Purple is swirling down more and more rapidly, drawing down all that is left of life into the Black of death.  (vide: Evolutionary Leap Now)

     No one has heeded the warnings, so now we will just have to watch it unfold, and/or die.  Perhaps Putin destroying the world in despair will be the most merciful way to end it.  (Why do we need a world, if Russia’s not in it? ~ Dmitry Kiselyov.)

     Just in terms of energy systems, it is almost impossible to turn around a torrent of energy once it gets so far down the drain of Purple going down into the Black, behind Red.  Where are Timothy Leary’s space migration rockets, now that we need them?  Prognosis is not looking good.  

     I want to display all of this process on my map project (, so we can see the evolution of the earth over time, peaking, perhaps, somewhere around the Seventeenth Century, when the earth was still Green, although in constant turmoil, as it has been in almost all times and places.  But then, more recently, it has been falling apart for the last hundred years, and now beginning to drop off precipitously towards the end.  In the course of my own lifetime, I have seen an enormous change, from a high sometime around 1967, to the present chilling depths of free-fall into chaos.   The whole adventure of Vietnam was a surprising and anomalous reality.

     I know it is common for people at the end of their lives to look back at the world as falling apart.  This is the end of life as we know it.  Terence McKenna thought it was the End of History when he died.  The thing is, they have all been right.  With every cycle deeper down into the Whirlpool, the state of the earth gets progressively worse.  Would a Map make any difference?  If people could see just where the energies and levels of consciousness were going, would it help to consider ways of addressing the issues?

     On a personal level, as soon as a person fully understands the Eight levels of Consciousness as they apply to one’s own life, the sooner it becomes clear that everything gets better the higher up you go (and gets worse as you go further down).  Therefore you can more easily modify your behavior to promote outcomes that raise your level, and avoid behavior that will drag you down.  Is it possible for the Planet as a whole (Gaia) to understand what is happening, and begin to move in directions that will elevate the level of her Aura?  In other words, is it hopeless to attempt to address specific problems until first the global spiritual and political problem can be addressed?  As long as there are wars going on in the world, and rampant pillaging of the earth’s dwindling resources, it is useless to hold out much hope.  

     Perhaps a functioning and constantly updated Map could focus people’s attention on the Loci of most severe problems, and generate a consensus and momentum for positive change.  

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