Three Solutions to the War in Palestine

Roland Stahl
February, 2024

     As a philosopher, I look at the conflict in Palestine in terms of the energy patterns, in order to understand what is going on.  It is useless to talk about the casus belli of a war that has been going on for thousands of years ~ so long that it has gotten way beyond such simple explanations as cause and effect.  Shortly after the Hamas onslaught against Israel, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “that didn’t happen in a vacuum,” as Israel seems to pretend.  So the only way to make sense out of the conflict is by a study of the energy dynamics.  According to my system of using the colors of the aura as related to the levels of consciousness from Hermetic alchemy, I see that conflict in terms of the Red and Purple energies going round and round and down in an accelerating negative spiral.  Negativity feeds on itself.  Just as expressions of love multiply and spread in expanding patterns of joy, so expressions of anger and hatred stoke the flames of conflict, which spreads like a foul contagion.  That means that the conflict in Palestine is not likely to be resolved until the fire has reduced both sides to ashes, or external control be exercised from outside.  (That solution, the only one that really makes any sense, is not considered here, as it has been dealt with extensively elsewhere.  Vide, e.g.: The Canary is Dying.)

     The severity of this outbreak of madness is exacerbated by President Joseph Biden’s incomprehensible lock-jaw solidarity with the Israelis.  This is a classic symptom of growing old ~ a slowness amounting to an inability to comprehend change of any sort.  On the contrary, the great hallmark of Youth is an openness to new ideas, and the ability to respond to the quickly shifting circumstances of change.  Nothing ever stays the same for very long ~ if one be unable to recognize and adapt to the changing circumstances of life and times, one will be poorly adapted for survival.  [Cue: The Times They Are a-Changin’ by Bob Dylan]  So there is old President Biden, clinging to an old idea of a firm alliance with Israel, unable to recognize that anything has changed.  It is chilling to speculate about the influence of all that money that American arms manufacturers are making from all the warring going on in the world.  It is a very bad harbinger of future tidings if the major industry of the world’s most powerful and dangerous country is the manufacture and sale of deadly armaments.  [Yes, I have mentioned that before, and I also continue to remind everyone to plant more trees.]

     So if this conflict in Palestine (I may just as well call it Palestine as to call it Israel) is ever going to end, it will have to be by some surprising wrench from the prevailing inertia, because I have already tried to indicate where the overwhelming energy behind the inertia is tending.  I suggest three possible continuations for ending that conflict ~

     The first one is the most obvious.  Just as Vladimir Putin might awake one morning from troubled dreams, and suddenly realize his folly ~ not to be backed into a corner from which there is no way out, he boldly proclaims that the special military operation has been a big mistake all along, that he is immediately recalling all troops from Ukrainian soil, and is offering Ukraine $200 billion in reparations for his war crimes.  “Ha, ha!  So sorry.  My bad.”  ~ in the same way, Netanyahu might be struck by a blinding flash of light, like Saul on the Road to Damascus, and hear the voice of the Lord ~ “Bibi, Bibi ~ why persecutest thou me?”  Recognizing the error of his ways, he immediately recalls all troops from action, issues his most profound apologies to any surviving Palestinian people, organizes the distribution of food and the rebuilding of houses, hospitals, schools, and utilities in the devastated areas of Gaza, and offers an additional $200 billion in reparations to the Palestinian people for his war crimes.  He will, of course, tear down all fences, end all naval blockades, and welcome all Palestinians to enjoy free travel anywhere in Palestine or Israel.  

     But rather than waiting, hopefully, for those events to occur, here is my second solution ~ since the Israelis are in possession of most of their land, with no likelihood of leaving anytime soon, the Palestinians might make the best of a bad situation by leaving the area entirely, provided, of course, that the State of Israel pay them sufficient compensation ~ say, $200,000 for every man, woman, and child.  I first made this suggestion in July of 2006 (vide: A Solution to the War in the Middle East), and it still sounds like the most realistic and likely solution, but I have one more solution to offer ~

     Suppose the entire land were to be constituted as a liberal parliamentary democracy.  The obvious problem with that is the inevitable endless warring of sides to secure a majority in Parliament and thereby control the running of the country.  I suggest surmounting that issue by setting it up as a Constitution that the Parliament shall be composed of 100 seats, with 40 allocated to the Jews, 40 to the Palestinians and other Moslems, and 20 to the Christians or Other.  Neither side would be able to form a majority without cooperation from one of the other sides of the house.  Perhaps there might be two aisles, with the Christians in the middle and the Jews and Moslems on the outer sides.  It seems to me that such an arrangement might eventually lead to a livable situation for all parties (along with a court of arbitration to resolve disputes).  

     The objections to these proposals are the same in each case ~ no one will agree to any of them.  The first case is a unilateral exception, but the chances of such a continuation are meagre . . .  The third solution would never be accepted by the Israelis, but they are not likely to accept the second suggestion either.  But if there be no chance of agreement in any case, that leaves only that negative whirlpool spiraling down to chaos and death.  

     The only way to put the brakes on that destructive collision is for old Joe Biden and the United States government to get off their sleepy donkey and intervene.  All they have to do is cancel the annual gift of money to Israel (a minimum of $3.8 billion per year and counting, not including additional funds of another $18 billion or more to assist with Isarael’s current war of genocide against the former occupants of the land ~ “Cowboys and Indians” revisited), and give that money instead to the Palestinians.  That would at least shift the center of gravity, making it at least remotely possible for some solution to be found and implemented.

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