The Canary is Dying

Roland Stahl
January, 2024

     What is going on ?  I am not surprised that the world is overwhelmed with chaos.   Of course our world is plunging into chaos ~ there are so many huge problems tearing this planet apart that there are going to be some strange days ahead for the foreseeable future.  Oh, no, Toto, forget about Kansas ~ those days are never coming back; that balloon back to Kansas has sailed long ago.  Tensions exploding into war over larger and larger portions of this frail planet of ours ?  ~ get used to it.  Maniacs attempting to seize power with the help of scared and confused people who don’t know what to think ?  ~ what else is new ?  [Which maniacs do I have in mind, here?  Start a list.]

     The whole “Conservative” trend that has been going on lately confuses a lot of different ideas which need to be sorted out.  I have considered that the more relevant fulcrum upon which the world turns is to be found in the continuum between the extremes of Sharpening and Leveling.  Not to review the whole idea here, but basically it is sharpening that leads to effects of diminishing tolerance variously called right-wing or fascist, and leveling that leads to effects such as socialism or free farms.  The important point here is that neither idea is right or wrong ~ it is all a matter of degree (and application, time, place, and situation).  A certain amount of sharpening promotes an increase of excellence, but an extreme of sharpening becomes fascism, just as surely as ripe fruit begins to rot by a continuation of the same ripening process (oxidation).  It is only when the fulcrum between sharpening and leveling goes out to extreme distances in either direction, that the probability of revolutionary change increases.  This is pure Taoist philosophy here ~ when an extreme of Yang or Yin has been reached, the energy reverses direction, and goes the other way (enantiodromia).  In a complete life cycle there are four such points of change, two of them very gradual, and two of them very sudden.  [vide: End Notes, below]

     Yes, one of those sudden changes we are talking about here is the Bad News.  So, the more we see rising symptoms of increasing sharpening all over the world, lurching toward the right-wing, becoming less and less tolerant, more and more hostile, and increasingly angry and violent, the closer and more inevitable that looming Bad News becomes.  

     None of this, as I have said, is the least bit surprising.  All of this is perfectly evident to quite a number of people, world-wide, who express their dismay, aghast with unbelief and horror.  But what I find most astonishing, and even quite scary, is that nowhere do I see the slightest glimmer of interest, anywhere, in addressing the Problem !

     As I have said before, quite a number of times, there can be no progress moving forward until the entirety of planet Earth be united, and cultivated as a Garden by a Trustee who receive ones authority from God.  

     If you don’t understand what we mean by God, don’t worry about it ~ enough people have understood it over the years to keep the light visible at the end of the tunnel.  One way to get an understanding of the idea of God is to compare our present world (without God, or where God has been abandoned) with a potential world united under a single, established institution designed to promote the channel from God to the life of our planet and its flora and fauna, including human beings.  This present world of ours is a rolling catastrophe of endless war, greedy mining, raping, and pillaging under the Law of the Jungle.  That world is now in smoking ruins ~ just ask anyone in Ukraine, Gaza, Yemen, Syria . . .  

     But a world gratefully accepting the Grace of God in the person of an incarnate Avatar who would supervise the restoration and cultivation of this Earth of ours back to the Garden it once was, would be a game changing improvement, a transformative revolution analogous in scope to the Omega Point of Teilhard de Chardin (quod vide).  

     Money is a universal abstraction which describes the movements of human energy on the planet.  Thus, a new Bank must be established under an entirely new principle.  Money would be created as needed and dispensed to fund every enterprise important to the health of the planet.  A functioning economy has to have a free flowing movement of money, so the new Bank would fund farmers to grow food and people to plant trees.  All public services, health care, education, research, public transit, structural maintenance, and more would all be directly funded by the Bank, as authorized by the Trustee.  Other services could be provided, such as non-profit food distribution, and free farms for the indigent.  Other aspects of life, such as the manufacture and sale of consumer products, would be provided by a free market.  

     The Bank would manage the value of the new currency it creates by a system of taxation.  A primary tax would be imposed for any pollution or resource extraction of any kind.  For example, a very large tax would have to be paid to the Bank for every barrel of oil pumped out of the ground, or every tree cut down.  This would force the prices up, so that much less oil would be pumped out and fewer trees would be cut, and those taxes would continue to increase, pricing oil out of the market entirely (except for very specialized industrial uses), and making wood products very expensive.  But after these taxes, a general property or wealth tax would be collected from the wealthiest of persons or companies.  A progressive tax rate wouldn’t even start until around $10 million or so, at very moderate rates, but then rates would increase rapidly at the upper levels of wealth so that it would be the super-rich who pay the great bulk of the tax, while everyone else not only pays little or no tax at all, but receives all of the free services above enumerated for the smooth and happy functioning of the world.  Best of all, who among the super-rich will come forward to complain about the tax?  The amount of ones tax would be an ultimate status symbol.  

     Anyone else would be free to operate any business without hindrance, as long as there be no infraction of the extensive climate or environmental regulations, taxes, or fines.  With a network of free farms, “where everyone is welcome and everything is free,” anyone who runs out of financial resources for any reason could just live a simple life for free (until or unless taking up a new position in the outside world again).  An immense host of social problems would fade away once it were no longer necessary to obtain money at any cost.  

     There would be very little need for any other international regulation apart from the enormous influence of directing the creation and spending of money.  However, the same Avatar, incarnation of the living God, would also exercise the function of final arbiter of Justice in the court system, in addition to authorizing the disbursement of funds by the Bank.  There would be no more use for war, since wars only move one backwards.  War creates a nadir of prosperity, which, in turn, creates more anger and violence, which leads to more and more mutually self-destructive war, (this is the self-perpetuating negative cycle of Red and Purple consciousness ~ did you know that there is also a self-perpetuating positive cycle way up above, at the level of Yellow and Green?)  Since ultimately it is money over which people go to war, territorial distinctions won’t make much difference.  It really doesn’t matter who “owns” regions of eastern Ukraine, since everyone would live by the same laws anyway.  

     All of the transactions with the Bank could be done instantly, by computer.  All taxes and fees paid back to the Bank would be simply erased, as the only function of the taxation is to maintain the value of the currency by trimming the excess off the top.  The Natural Law of Money (in case you hadn’t noticed) is that it is constantly being vacuumed up to the top, so the obvious principle of taxation, and the role of the State, should be to take it off the top and return it to the base via all the free services described herein.  Notice how the “role of the State” here differs from the Jungle economy, in which the “State” is maintained by the wealthy for the purpose of conserving and increasing their wealth.  The present Jungle economy must be replaced by a Trustee whose authority comes from God.  The founding of a Seminary for this purpose has been discussed elsewhere.  

     Under the beneficent regulation of this Trustee, or Advocate, who speaks for God, a new Golden Age of peace and prosperity would supervene.  Anger and conflict would begin to recede; “the war will be over;” soldiers could return to their families and their farms; and the agenda of regenerating the living biosphere of the Earth could begin in a systematic way ~ planting more trees, retreating from the fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy, and more ~ for example, inhumane factory animal farms will be taxed or fined out of existence.  Non-organic farming practices will also be taxed away or outlawed.

     It is hard to calculate the net effect of all of this on the general index of happiness and prosperity, but it seems to me that a world under the direction of a Gardener under the authority of God would vastly outperform our present world, and the contrast between the chaos rampaging all over the globe at the present time and a world carefully cultivated by the Gardener of God would finally allow anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet to understand what God means, after all.  


     End Notes:  Further information about the ideas mentioned here can be found in the Author’s collected essays ~ One Planet Makeover and Selected Articles, Metaphysics and Theology, 1989-2024.

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