One World Government:

“The New World Order”

by  John Roland Stahl
June, 2010

     The subject of “One World Government” or “The New World Order” always seems to draw the most intense reaction from many people.  “First we have genetically modified food, and then they’re going to shove One World Government down our throats!”

     I have mentioned this topic before; I freely confess that I repeat myself constantly.  (Have I mentioned, lately, the incredible folly of cutting down the arboreal biological layer (trees) from the sphere of the earth?  Unimaginable folly, probably dreamed up by the folks who advocate burning up your house to keep warm, or the hungry worm Ouroboros who relieves his hunger by eating its tail, or the government policy of spending their way out of debt.)  If only people would pay attention to me the first time when I speak or write, then I wouldn’t have to repeat myself so much.

     What surprises me about this one is that my own considered opinion is that the One World Government is the single most important next step in the evolution of life on earth.  I share this view with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, and a great many others, many of whom have probably been prominent members of the Illuminati, in one or another of its incarnations, while we’re at it!

     I would probably describe my political views to be somewhere to the left of radical, yet virtually the entirety of the Liberal Consensus seems to be agreed that the One World Government is THE most sinister manifestation of the machinations of the Illuminati, who are perceived to be a cabal of wealthy, powerful, or otherwise influential persons who are attempting to participate in the direction of the evolution of life on earth.  

     What??  Do you mean to tell me that there are actually people who are attempting to influence the evolution of life on earth??  What a fearful conspiracy!!  And the wealthy and powerful, the ones whose decisions will most radically affect the flow of events, are actually in collusion with others equally wealthy and/or powerful in efforts to distill their combined shared consciousness of what needs to be done?  Are they trying to play God?  Isn’t the Law of the Jungle good enough for them?  What is God, anyway?  Perhaps every element that contributes to the (higher) evolution of life is part of whatever God is.  And, surrounding that, there is a vast field of inertia representing the opposition to the ordering influence of God.  This energy which is evolving, which I am calling God, actually appears to be showing positive signs of being Alive!

     Is this figure of a Creative and Positive Energy reaching out into new and unknown directions, and being surrounded by an inertia of chaos and randomness, an entirely new idea, or what?  Oh, no – it is actually very, very old.  

     So why is everyone so afraid of this?  I think the answer I hear most often is that everyone seems to be afraid that anytime anyone or any group succeeds in obtaining power, they will invariably use it to further their own individual wealth and power, to the utter disregard of anyone else.  If you look at the record of just about every known government, either in the present day, or in any of the known historical periods for which we have records, this accusation will be borne out with dead-on accuracy almost all of the time!  With the possible exception of occasional enlightened emperors or despots, e.g.: Emperor Yao of ancient China, King Arthur of England (a legend will do quite as well as historical record – possibly better), Pericles of Athens, or Frederick the Great of Prussia, just about every king or ruler sets about collecting as much wealth as he possibly can for himself and his family as soon as he comes into power.  Most rulers attempt to accomplish this by sleight of hand, but, more recently, rulers such as Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines simply load up convoys of trucks with bars of gold bullion and trundle them right out of town.  (Reported as a Joke.)

     However, this universal drive to self-aggrandizement runs into a self-limiting factor: the higher you go in the ranks of wealth and power, the more radically and dramatically your priority shifts from acquiring more wealth to preserving what you already have.  This is the classic Conservative, who has Made It, and doesn’t want anything to change which might alter his status.  When you come to a pivotal position at the top, there is only one way to ensure the continuation of your own personal good fortune, and that is for the entire field of life energy world-wide to be operating with maximum harmony and efficiency.  

     The second most common response to the concept of a One World Government is, “One World Government!  But – but, that’s elitist, and paternalistic!!”  – the Elite, of course, being that famous cabal of wealth and power sometimes assumed to be banded together into a group like the Illuminati.  

     Let us suppose we have managed to accomplish this fiendish plot, and a One World Government is now in place; but, surprisingly, they have allowed the people of the earth to choose the person at the top, the one who will have the greatest power, and the greatest responsibility, for affecting the evolution of the flow of life on earth.  

     There are quite a number of candidates, and the rules for working out run-off elections are quite complicated, in order to ensure that voters are able fully to vote their mind, knowing that if their vote is lost in the early stages of voting, they will be able to vote again from the remaining candidates until there is a final winner.  Most of these early choices may be made at the time of the original voting.  This is called “Instant Run-off Election,” and it will soon be routinely used all the time everywhere.  Because of the importance of the question, however, it will probably be necessary to have at least one secondary run-off vote, for which votes will be limited to the winners of the first primary vote.

     Here are some of the more interesting Candidates:

     First, there is the elitist and paternalistic candidate, a quiet little man of remarkable intelligence and extensive learning, giving him the manners of a university professor.  He does not seem to be remarkable in any way, unless you listen to him closely.  It is very easy for him to get lost among the great rabble of more noticeable Candidates:

     There is, for example, Genghis Khan (we have managed to clone several candidates from surviving genetic material of old stock . . . ), who mentions his considerable experience as qualification for the post.  

     Another fortunate success from our cloning tanks is Idi Amin, who has graciously accepted the nomination, and has agreed to accept the position, if elected.

     Running against these formidable candidates is George W. Bush, who wishes to remind the voters of his membership in the Skull and Bones.  

     We wanted to offer the candidacy of Adolf Hitler, whom we had no trouble cloning back to full virulence; however, he declined the honor, out of fear for his life, preferring to hide where he is rather than consider any return to public office.

     Another force to be reckoned with is the Ayatollah Khomeini, who would like nothing better than an opportunity of extending Sharia Law to the entirety of the human race.  

     There are plenty of other candidates, but these pretty well represent the field.  We will announce the winners, from whom the candidates for the second round of voting will be drawn, as soon as the results are in.  

     My conclusion to this problem is that, yes, we need to take conscious responsibility for the evolution of life and set up some vehicle by which the word of God can be heard again. We need to get that set up quickly, because then there are so many critical issues which will require all of our efforts to deal with, as the tenability of the survival of life on earth is seen to be less and less assured.

     So, what do I think about genetically modified food?  In general, I am very much against it.  I think that it is absolutely imperative to maintain a viable population of natural, open pollinated fruits, vegetables, grains, and, in fact, everything propagated from seed, not only food, but fiber crops, and crops grown for any other use.  Whenever seed companies try to sell a new seed, whether it has been genetically modified or created from natural hybrids, they are looking for one quality of over-riding importance: the Number One required feature of any new seed is that if anyone tries to plant the secondary seed which will be produced by the primary seed offered for sale, such seed will either fail to germinate entirely, or be of enfeebled and useless quality.  This condition is the deal-breaker.  No new seed has any chance of survival unless it meets this paradigm requirement.  

     Everyone should refuse to use seed of this kind; only use heirloom seed or seed which is open pollenated and will reproduce itself with natural seed.  It is all of these “terminator genes” which should be outlawed.  I hope everyone will refuse to use such seed ever again – by which I mean just about every seed commercially available except for the few sources selling “heirloom seeds” or the equivalent.  New seed from natural hybrids can always be welcome, but only when they are stable strains. But I stop short of asserting that genetic modification should never be considered for any reason.  I try to keep an open mind about possibilities and circumstances which might not be anticipated.

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