Listen to the Voice in your Head

Roland Stahl
January, 2019

     I have always been interested in ideas of mediation, in which you “seek within” and try to go closer to the center.  It is almost always assumed that the only way to get centered is by letting go of all of the chatter in your head, and find a place of stillness, seemingly where your mind is a blank, and you are not thinking about anything.  So if life is confusing to you, perhaps you try to meditate so that you can find peace.  But that is like the idea that all you have to do is believe, and you will be saved, among the elect.  

     No, you can’t achieve peace by fiat, and belief alone will not set you free.  Instead of trying to achieve peace by shutting out the chatter in your head, you should, on the contrary, pay careful attention to that voice, and try to figure out what it is trying to say to you.  Just as there is a Consciousness of Gaia, by which the whole biosphere of the earth is alive and conscious as a single Being, so every person has also a center of consciousness, and this voice is like the Voice of God.  Instead of trying to shut it out, I have always believed that we should pay careful attention to this voice, and try to understand what it is trying to tell us.  If the chatter in your head is all about your problems, then solve your problems first, and all the chatter in your head will go away.   (Seek ye first the Kingdom of God . . .)

     If you can learn to understand the dynamic process of the Tao and Life, you can identify where you are in the process of energy flow, and learn how to take it higher.

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