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      “Why study philosophy? Does it confer any practical benefit?” Yes! A clear understanding of philosophy will profoundly affect every aspect of your life leading to a convergence of all good things: love, joy, clarity, happiness, prosperity, and good health. Since good health is next in importance after life itself, its attainment will be a major focus for the application of the abstract principles of philosophy and metaphysics.

      For a limited time, Roland Stahl, author of Patterns of Illusion and Change, Tetragrammaton, and The Laughter of God, will be offering classes in Hermetic Philosophy in the mountains of Northern California. Most of the material covered in this class may be found in his published writings and on this website. Topics will include a complete system of metaphysics from the creation of the cosmos ex nihilo (“the laughter of God”) to a description of the fundamental nature of reality and “the meaning of life.” Also covered will be the “lost” meaning of the Tetragrammaton (the name of God) and its relation to the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah. Much of the material covered will be familiar to serious students of the mysteries, but we attempt to present these ideas in a systematic format for greater clarity and comprehension. Much original material is also included, such as the relationship of the Eight Primary Trigrams of the I Ching with the planets and metals of astrology and alchemy and the colors of the aura.

      Qualified graduates of this course will be certified with the ancient Alchemical title, Master of Fire. Motivated students may pursue additional studies leading to enrollment as Companion of the Path, Knight of the Gardener, and Custodian of the Great Secret.

      Roland Stahl is involved with a number of other projects all over the world, so these classes may only be sporadically available as his schedule permits.

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