Six Regions of the World on the Way to World Union

Roland Stahl
November, 2017

     I think a lot about geo-politics.  I have figured out how to establish a source of Authority, coming from God, by establishing a Seminary of Candidates who would, upon reaching their majority, choose one of their number to take responsibility from the top (as, for example, the Advocate for the Tree of the Church of the Living Tree).  This is a very old idea of mine.  

     But suppose that happens, and we set up our new Bank and Currency, and set out to restore the earth to a flourishing organic garden of life once again, starting with the immediate planting of millions and billions of trees.  But the earth is a big place, with many languages, races, and religions.  “Something is lost, and something is gained.” Of course, there must be one universal language world-wide, and English is the obvious choice.  But the advancement and teaching of the English language should still be greatly accelerated so that the very next generation, world-wide, will be already largely fluent in English.  

     But I haven’t yet gotten to today’s idea – I want to extend the seminary idea to at least the next level down.  I start by dividing the world up into significant regions, such as:

     Region                Common Tongue

     1.) East Asia to India    (Chinese/English)

     2.) Islam from Pakistan to Turkey    (Arabic)

     3.) Europe    (English)

     4.) Africa    (English)

     5.) South America up to Mexico    (Spanish)

     6.) USA and Canada    (English)

     Each region would have a regional Bank office that would distribute funds for that region, and a Governor, chosen by the regional seminary, who would execute direction by the authority delegated from the Advocate.

     A congress of representatives from every part of each region would meet and deliberate current affairs.  These might be democratically elected from each local region, at a level where democracy can be most effective.  

     The regions I have indicated above by common language show three regions where English is not dominant – areas of Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish speaking people.  The language people speak is a critical distinction between people.  As I look over my six regions, I see most of them on an easy transition to English, with the Spanish region and the French a generation later to adopt English.  No one need abandon his own language – everyone will speak at least two languages, his own native language and English.  The region of China and India will have no trouble adopting English – the Chinese want to dominate the world, and they will understand that that means learning English.  

     Africa has always been a basket case, but with a regional Governor, things might settle down.  

     So that leaves Arabia and the Middle East with no interest in learning English or giving up Islam.  I am struck by an idea I have been having lately with my idea – that when all the colors have been mapped out on the globe, with a few exceptions, most of the lowest scores (well into the Red and Violet) all seem to cluster around this same regional area.  Even North Korea is likely to subside without violence, as long as cool heads prevail and allow a Mexican stand-off.  

     So, not to be alarmist, but I see no lasting and insoluble political problems other than the endless hotbed of the Middle East, with Israel right there in the middle, and endless conflict all around.  I thought my earlier idea was a great one, if only tongue-in-cheek – that all the Jews should convert to Christianity, and all the Moslems should convert to Buddhism – what a neat solution!

     I think there is a vortex of negative energy, like a magnetic field, with its negative pole in the Middle East.  Then I figured that if it had the same physics as a magnetic field, the opposite pole would be in the vacant middle of the South Pacific Ocean.  

     Well, here is a big surprise – I am predicting that the Middle East will continue to be the most troublesome and volatile region of the planet for the foreseeable future.  What to do about it?  Is it possible that a product of the Arabian Seminary could keep the peace in his (or her, but not likely) region?  I don’t know if it will work, but I think the division of the planet into those six regions, with a Governor elected by each Seminary, is the most progressive solution yet proposed.  Just as the Spanish region and France will be a generation later adopting English, it will probably take about four or five generations for Arabia to settle down and accept the English language.  

     Another possibility is that Arabia will always remain in opposition to the rest of the world.  That seems like a real possibility.  They may even never come to accept the authority of the Advocate, but remain totally in opposition.  Metaphysically, this outcome may be necessary and inevitable.

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