The Kabbalah and The Tree of Life

by  Roland Stahl
March, 2011

     I have studied eclectic philosophy all my life.  I learned most about the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah when I accidentally re-invented it.  When I saw that what I had done matched completely what was done before, I began to think that I must be on the right track.  

     It was Pythagoras who had the brilliant epiphany that the Numbers of mathematics are themselves the primary symbols of the Arcana, and comprise the original Metaphysics representing our Cosmos as Emanations from God.  It is like all of the laws of geometry being based upon the definitions and axioms of Euclid.  

     Early on in my studies I figured out that all of the philosophies and religions in the world were all based around the same series of primary ideas, some emphasized more than others.  I sorted out the ideas into those ideas expressed by the number One, ideas represented by the number Two, ideas illuminated by the number Three, ideas corresponding to the number Four, and ideas relating to the number Five.  The meaning of each of these primary mysteries is best illuminated symbolically by the concept of the number associated with each idea (Pythagorean Doctrine).  

     I developed simple images to illustrate the essence of each number, and this sequence of ideas represented by the numbers of mathematics formed the basis of my studies and teaching of philosophy.

     One day, pretty much by accident, I happened to stack my images vertically instead of horizontally, the way I had been presenting them in my books.  To my surprise, I immediately recognized the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah.  At first I thought this were an amusing coincidence, but, upon further investigation, I discovered that it was not simply the visible picture that was matched, but in every case, each of the 10 spheres (Sephiroth) corresponded precisely to the significance of the same position on my design!  At first I was astonished, but eventually I realized that it would be more astonishing if they differed, since my sequence of images was intended to convey the same sequence of ideas represented by the Tree of Life:  a primary Metaphysics illuminating the Nature and Meaning of God, and His relationship with Man, and with all the rest of His Cosmos.  

     After discovering this similarity, it became an easy matter to develop a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the Tree of Life.  This is the same sequence of primary ideas as represented by every spiritual teaching in one way or another.  

     This primary sequence of Ideas and their Numbers from Pythagoras is none other than the Four Letters of the Name of God, Tetragrammaton.  I was always very interested in the Tetragrammaton, as it was said to be the highest Key to understanding the Mysteries – the Arcana.  However, all of my research sources lamented that the meaning and significance of the Tetragrammaton, while revered as surely the highest Key to the Mysteries, has, unfortunately, been lost.  But such Mysteries cannot be lost.  As Pythagoras tells us, the Illumination of each Mystery is contained within itself.  

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