Roland Stahl
October, 2017

     Of course the world is a mess, and I have been proposing my solutions for these problems for many years – the establishment of an international Seminary for the education of a special class of selected students who would select one of their number (after a lifetime of studying global issues with the best teachers it is possible to find) to make any final decisions at the apex of the pyramid of authority.  

     But then I have been going beyond the general argument to consider specific world problems.  The centerpiece of my current thinking is to set up my map of world energy patterns at [not yet set up] as a starting point to see the pattern of a huge region around the Middle East where the lowest level of consciousness, the Red-Violet energies, was raging most fiercely.  

     Well, today I took a look at the map in my world atlas that showed the distribution of religions around the world.  They were mostly contiguous regions (in many cases following the lines of language distribution as shown on another map).  

     I guess it shouldn’t have come as such a revelation to me that my two maps so perfectly coincided.  The map showing the dominant coverage of Islam just about neatly surrounded this area of maximum global trouble.  It is not considered politically correct to make any general value statements about any religious belief or practice.  “Of course we are not ‘at war with Islam’ – the extremists and terrorists and jihadists certainly do not represent Islam, which is a religion of peace and submission to Allah.” And yet the circumstantial evidence begins to pile up.  Islamic scholars might persuade you that Islam were as peaceful as Buddhism, or at least as peaceful as current expressions of Christianity (distancing ourselves from regrettable crimes committed in the name of Jesus Christ), but all of the action on the ground appears to present a different picture.  

     In a much earlier article on religion, I concluded that both Islam and Judaism had fundamental problems, as expressions of a relatively primitive understanding of the nature of religious belief.  Hinduism and Buddhism seemed much more elevated, spiritually.  Christianity, too, shows a remarkably advanced understanding of the main point of religion, although the literature of Christianity is very thin in explaining how to obtain “Christ Consciousness.”

     So here is my latest solution to the wars in the Middle East – if all the Jews were to become Christian (admitting that there is One God over all of us, and there is no “special relationship” with the tribe of Abraham), and all the Moslems were to become Buddhist, then all problems on the planet would melt away like last year’s snow, and all the warring parties could go back to their gardens, their wives (and/or significant others), and their children.

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