Free Market Capitalism

by  Roland Stahl
February, 2011

     Somewhere I think I mentioned an annoyance I felt when an American President is talking about his goals of spreading democracy, when, of course, his goals had nothing to do with democracy.  The United States may be some kind of a democracy, but that is not what gives it its defining character.  The American Way of Life has always been about Freedom.  Not only political freedom or religious freedom, but economic freedom.  It is a system in which everyone is free to throw up his own carnival tent and hawk any wares he pleases.  The Glory Days of the patent medicines were finally shut down by the food and drug laws, and many other little prohibitions and taxes are trying to rein in some other abuses, but, to a very large degree, Americans are free to do what they want in pursuit of economic gain, with very little regulation.  

     This is Free Market Capitalism, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can sometimes lead to excess and abuse, and sometimes even to excessive abuse.  In the case of the military involvement of United States forces, within the memory of the last twenty or thirty years, their purpose has had nothing to do with democracy (this has been shown too many times to review here), but everything to do with maintaining a status quo which will not interfere with the capital interests of the United States Corporations, which is to make as much money as they can.  

     The problem is that the moving directive for the whole show is to make as much money as you can.  On a global scale, this is just no longer an acceptable option.  There are some very real and pressing problems threatening the survival of life on earth, and the world-wide tensions and instabilities all over the globe just make the problem of planetary survival  almost impossible to cope with.  When it comes to burning up the rain forest, the profit motive just won’t do, any more.  

     And I don’t mean to single out the Americans – anyone who has enough money to join the club, meaning that you have enough money or power so that it matters to the earth what you do with it – is automatically a member of the same club.  Go ahead; try to get as much as you can for yourself before the music stops.  

     The whole planet must be cultivated as the single field of biological energy that it is.  Once this is accomplished, the problems facing our survival can be dealt with, at least as the start of an on-going basis, within one or two generations.  But without it, the survival of human life on earth is seriously threatened.  

     Ecosystems are just as fragile as economies.  We  have seen, historically, how massive panics have set off long periods of economic depression: just a few things get out of whack, and the whole thing collapses.  Life is very similar!  When an organism’s living environment is radically damaged, its survival is threatened.  We know what we, as a species, have to do.  Lester Brown sums up the problems and reasonable solutions in his book, World on the Edge.  The problem is that there is no money in it.  All the money and power in the world is on the other side!  

     I have always laughed at people who get hysterical with conspiracy theories when they suggest that the people with money and power are actually running the world.  Of course the people with money and power are running the world!  Oh, it gets shaken up every now and then with a revolution, which might be bloody, as in the French Revolution, or nonviolent, as the liberation of India from England.  But, by and large, it is fairly well established that the people with the money and the power use that money and power to retain the money and the power in the hands of – themselves, the people with the money and power.  Now, is that ever a tautology, or what?  

     This leaves us with two opposing camps, with quite different agendas.  In order for life on earth to survive, we have to convince the people with the money and power that the survival of life on earth is worth their serious consideration.  In fact, if political changes could be made that would ensure the ease of addressing survival concerns (yes, that would be some form of the dreaded One World Government), that should make for a Golden Age of free trade.

     The problem is that a very significant portion of the world’s wealth is directly related to the maintenance of a perpetual war footing.  Why has no one mentioned George Orwell lately?  The perpetual war, for manipulating the people and also to profit from war industries, was a central feature of Orwell’s world in 1984.  

     None of those huge industries are going to be at all happy with a world in which their services are no longer required.  So, while some elements of the money and the power in the world might support an initiative that would allow life to continue on earth, the industries of Destruction and Construction will oppose, to the death of the last man, anything that would reduce the amount of warfare going on in the world.  

     That sounds like a problem.  I’m going to have to think about this for a while.

     We need a different model of how to regulate this world of ours.  The jungle of sovereign states, sovereign corporations, and sovereign individuals stomping around can no longer be tolerated.  (As Lily Tomlin says, “This is the Phone Company!  We are omnipotent.”)  

     I want to establish a seat of authority: the voice of God.  I literally want to incarnate God on earth, as the chosen One of a special seminary of candidates, who will be given the very best education with emphasis on History and International Studies.  The idea is simple enough: any reasonably competent person could handle the tasks required of him, to arbitrate in cases where no other satisfactory decision can be found.  But we give the Authority to the Seminary as a whole, not to any one individual.  It is up to the Seminary to nominate the One who will interpret and exercise the will of God as Steward of the earth.  We have the confidence that, as a school, they will know which one of their number to choose for the stewardship.  It is simply a microcosm: a little world, in which the solutions to the problems of the greater world can be found.  There is even the additional consideration of the effect of world opinion: the energy from these other sources can contribute to the channelings of energy that could result in the manifestation of an incarnation of God.  Maybe the world actually works this way, and together We can focus our energies upon our alchemical vessel and cause a manifestation of an incarnation of God to appear on earth to lead us forward.

     The role of this person would be to maintain an overview of the whole planet, with the responsibility of keeping it all alive and healthy.  Such an institution doesn’t have to have any legal basis at all, and a fully endowed School of International Studies could be assembled of young people selected from all over the world for the purpose of creating a kind of “alchemical vessel” from which a manifestation of God were expected to emanate.  The entire school would continue their specialized study of world affairs, and would constitute the most trusted sources from which the Speaker would draw information for making his calls.  Whether this institution would ever attain a political influence is unpredictable, but here is a model in which I would place my trust ahead of any other schemes I have heard of.  

     But, once again, I see that I have bridged the gap – there is no reason to suppose that those who are profiting from plundering the earth and laying it waste will voluntarily cease and desist, with or without a court order.  So what can we do, here?  I have put it in theological terms because it amounts to nothing less.  The source of authority is the power of God.  If the project works as expected, there may be a real expectation that an incarnation of God may appear, and when One is anointed, perhaps the Glory of God will fall upon Him.  That’s what we need – we need God to come again upon the earth and guide us how to proceed with our stewardship of the earth.  

     If the Seminary be given this mission, it will create a very powerful field of magical energy around it, and God will appear.

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