Endgame, USA

Roland Stahl
October, 2018

      The United States of America is getting scarier by the minute.  Donald Trump is so far beyond belief of what any American President should be that we are off into uncharted territory.  The country is almost isolated in the world, left with the likes of Saudi Arabia and Israel among its dwindling circle of friends in the world.  Throw in a few more, like Duterte in the Philippines and Erdogan in Turkey, and you have a gang of peers all wallowing in similar troughs of spiritual darkness, all of whom understand each other perfectly well.  

     But the times, they are a-changing.  It may be for the better, or it may be for the worse, but changing it is, and it will probably get worse before it gets better.  I hear people talk all the time about the inevitable financial collapse that everyone seems to be expecting, but the collapse has actually been here for a while, and is noticeably accelerating.  

     All of the “smart money” has realized for some time that the entire “United States Government” is a Ponzi Scheme gone out of control.  The U.S. Government is a corporation without any assets, with a debt in excess of $20 trillion, and with an annual operating loss of over a trillion dollars.  I wouldn’t loan it any money, no matter how much interest they offer to pay, even if they denominate the loan in Chinese Yuan.  As for speculating in Dollars, that is a cat on a hot stove.  

     The widening of the gap between the rich and the poor, along with the impending bankruptcy of the USA, suggest that the United States is playing out its endgame.  The wealthy 1% (or fewer, depending on how you count) own all of the property, all of the money, and all of the corporations.  The poor have nothing; they have no income; and the country that promised them Social Security no longer has the money to pay; so sorry.  

     Do you think that the wealthy corporations and individuals who own all of the assets in this country are going to chip in and assume responsibility for the nation’s debts?  If you believe they will, you are one of those born every minute.  (Now is the time for every good man to come to the aid of his country.  Anyone?  Even a good woman?  Transgender?  How about a thieving and conniving rascal?  Anyone?  You, Henry Kissinger, are you going to leave your wealth to the government?)  Oh, no – if the government falls, that is simply a great opportunity to repudiating the debt.  Everyone is still going to need to buy your product, even if your “product” is simply an import agency from China.  

     Besides, there will always be opportunities all over the world for the savvy investor to make his fortune.  China will build factories in this country to take advantage of the cheap labor over here, and then they will sell all their products back to the workers, who will always be in debt to the Company Store, barely able to keep up their rent payments to their ’lords.  

     But, in the meantime, the dollar will collapse as the United States government continues desperately trying to print and spend its way out of debt.  This will all happen very quickly.  It will be all over before anyone notices.  Loss of confidence happens very suddenly, and once it occurs, it is all over.  It will happen in the night, while you sleep.

     All of this so far has been the optimistic scenario.  But, if some troubling trends continue, it could get very much worse than this.  There should be an immediate embargo on all sales of American made weapons beyond its borders.  Of course, that would be the last nail in the coffin for the American economy, since weapons sales are about all this country has left for foreign trade.  But the United States is complicit in the atrocities of Yemen and Palestine as long as they continue to supply Saudi Arabia and Israel with arms.  

     The last argument of kings is their cannon (ultima ratio regis), and wars of conquest, rape, and pillage are famous pathways to the end of the road for aging empires.  I fervently hope that the United States will stand down gracefully, and allow itself to be liquidated in bankruptcy proceedings rather than spiraling down into the continuing fire, confusion, and chaos of endless war.  

     One reason I want to set up my map of world consciousness (earthflame.org) is to highlight the problem that there is a great variation in the average or prevailing consciousness worldwide.  I consider the depressing effect of endless war raging across much of the Middle East and surrounding areas – Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen.  The prevailing low level of spiritual consciousness makes it very hard for anyone living there to experience a level of consciousness much above the prevailing level.  And now that that whole region is a smoking war zone with refugees by the millions trying to get out of there to some sweeter land where life is good, we see the problem that immigrants and refugees are less and less welcome in some of these literally greener pastures.  The fact is that all of these refugees and immigrants are inexorably lowering the level of spiritual consciousness as they flood over into neighboring lands.  They may not all be “rapists and murderers,” but they carry the scars and the lasting spiritual damage from their long experience in a spiritual wasteland.  

     So what is the solution, here?  Perhaps it makes more sense for everyone to make a stand where they are – to try to forge a political reality more conducive to leading the human spirit upwards.  The problem is how to bring down a corrupt regime from within, when it is held in the grip of war lords and profiteers.  But this is why there can be so little hope for life on earth until there be some relief from the top, allowing the people beneath them gradually to lift their lives out of the chaos, darkness, and disease of endless war.  

     As to what happens next, we need to get there quickly.  

     I know I’ve said all this before, but I can’t get rid of a problem until it is resolved.  I sure wish the human race would figure it out quickly, so I could go back to cultivating my fragrant roses in peace.  

     Go ahead and plant some Trees.


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