The War on Drugs

by  Roland Stahl
December, 2011

(a posting sent to a list, among the censored:)

The War on Drugs:

     Well, here are some references which relate to the Government’s position on drugs:

     Hello, Big Brother:

     I have small expectation that you will allow this link to be published; bad enough that it has already been widely distributed on its own; better not let anyone who is involved in a more religious perspective (with a sacramental use of Cannabis to get in touch with God), see any of this information!  

     Perhaps the articles are all wrong – how could our government be so single mindedly pursuing such an agenda of world domination, money, and power as to participate, gleefully, in the program of getting rich (so you can buy guns which you can sell in Mexico and elsewhere) while peddling heroin to inner city kids, to keep them sedated, with their minds off of revolution, just trying to get another fix?  

     Yet, out of the other side of their mouths, sipping their alcoholic drinks, they pursue an agenda targeting the use of cannabis, since most cannabis users are far more alternative- and counter- cultural than their martini sipping counterparts, most of whom can always be relied upon dutifully to support the Establishment.  

     The magnitude of the hypocrisy is beyond belief!  

     I may as well mention that I am keeping a file containing a record of all my censored posts.  

     And they still pretend that it is about Democracy, and not a program of financial and political dominance.  And they blandly continue to use stock phrases like Freedom, Democracy, and the Bill of Rights, as if any of it had any meaning.  

     They ask the protestors Occupying Wall Street, “What are your demands?”  Well, how’s this for an answer: “We demand that everyone with Wealth or Power give away their wealth, abandon their power, and go jump in a lake!”

     No?  That one not going to work?  Well, how about another idea: a Revolution of Everyone Else.  Thomas Jefferson said that such a revolution should happen every twenty-seven years, in order to sweep away the accumulated concentrations of wealth and power, advantage and privilege.  Perhaps a Revolution is overdue?

     Perhaps this will be a World-Wide Revolution, and Something Altogether Different will supervene?  

     Oh, no!  There should be an immediate Congress of the Wealthy and Powerful, to consider how to deal with this threat.  

     Perhaps a constructive Dialogue can be initiated in which the Congress of the Wealthy and Powerful try to negotiate a Settlement with the World-Wide Revolution.  Such a negotiated solution may be the only chance for the survival of life on earth.  

     And you can begin by lifting the ban on the freedom of speech.  What have you got to lose?  Isn’t it better to let it go and see where it goes?  I assure you, it is.  Just let it go.

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