A Congress of the Wealthy and Powerful

(Conclave at the Grotto)

by  Roland Stahl
December, 2011

     It is the worst fear of every conspiracy theorist: some Grand Conclave at the Grotto of all of the world’s Wealthiest and most Powerful people, come to an emergency Congress to assess the state of the world, and the most immediate threats to the survival of life on the earth.  

     The dominance of the earth and its resources by the wealthy and powerful is not the only issue at stake: the biological survival of the thin envelope of life on earth, our tender biosphere, is seriously at risk.  It is an essential and immediate necessity to address these problems.  If we act fast, it may yet be possible for Life to continue to exist on the fragile ecosphere and biosphere of our little planet.  

     But the problems extant on the world stage, if ranked by importance, look pretty bleak: not only is our fragile biosphere being rapidly degraded by unbelievably foolish and short sighted activities, but world-wide financial institutions, currencies, and balances of debt are out of control and spinning off into Chaos, with potentially dire consequences.  

     Underpinning all of this there is a very wild “Law of the Jungle” pervading throughout the earth, taking very frequently some very, very frightening directions.  One loose cannon is enough to do significant damage to the Ship of State.  But if the earth were covered with loose cannons – it is hardly necessary to mention any names!  It is a much shorter list to come up with areas of the globe not under the dominance of one or more loose cannons!  

     The time has come to take the wraps off of what everyone has been warned is coming: One World Government.  It is now time for those of wealth and power to convene a major Congress to determine how to implement the plan.  

     No one needs to be alarmed!  Those of wealth and power will realize the importance of certain issues vital to the survival of life, so an orderly arrangement of those issues is the only sensible way to manage them, avoiding excess at all times.  

     Issues at stake will be the origin of the Authority for the executive responsibility, an agenda for the restoration of the biological health of the planet (vide, e.g., World on the Edge, by Lester Brown), the establishment of a new central bank for a universal world currency, the provision of a world-wide network of free farms for the housing, feeding, and care of the indigent, and such other issues as may be necessary of inclusion to an important new vision for the world, such as the restoration of a universal land tax to replace all of the whirlwind and confusion of taxes everywhere else, under and with which our world is mired.  

     The Number One Responsibility of the One World Government will be to protect and cultivate the Earth’s biosphere as a garden, encouraging healthy survival and growth of the phenomenon of Life, world-wide.  Perhaps next in importance will be the maintenance of the World Bank, underpinning the new currency, for handling the matters of trade and finance.  Since the “house” of the World Bank will be the One World Government itself, it can simply issue money as needed.  A simple, universal land tax world-wide will replace all other instruments of taxation. (- with the exception of resource depletion taxes, which will have to be imposed upon an otherwise free market).  Next will probably be the establishment of non-profit industries covering all essential aspects of civilization: food distribution, health care, transportation, and so on.  Of course, the participation of anyone else or any other private company would be fully encouraged on a free market basis.  

     And that’s about it: the limits of the new One World Government.  Its issues are few, but important.  Otherwise, it will also keep the Peace.  This is a thankless job, and there will be disputes and protests, but any resolution of problems is better than a resort to arms, and all parties will benefit from a negotiated solution.  

     Only a Congress of the Wealthy and Powerful will be able to bring about these Changes.  We cannot wait any longer before seriously addressing these issues.  It is indeed a monumental task: it is nothing less than a complete makeover of the biological, political, financial, and social structures of the earth, but the survival of life on earth is at stake, and we have no other alternative but to take it on.


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