Advocate for the Tree

Roland Stahl
February, 2019

     The biological life of planet Earth is primarily represented by the Trees, not people.  From the point of view of the Trees, people are just a kind of noxious vermin running around, destroying the earth, even directly cutting down most of the trees still remaining after centuries of destruction.  People have a lot of energy, but they don’t contribute in any positive way to the living plant layer of terrestrial life, which is primarily composed of Trees.  

     It is a fundamental idea that the vermin must not destroy the host.  All of the Climate Change that people are just finally beginning to notice is being caused by the ongoing destruction of the arboreal foundation of life on earth.  It has been building up for centuries, but finally it has reached a tipping point, and the Earth is dying off and crumbling apart by drought and floods, polluted by chemicals, and eroded of topsoil.

     Has this been going on for too long for there to be any hope of turning it around?  How quickly can the human race plant three hundred trillion trees?  (That’s 300,000,000,000,000 trees.)  Instead of people fighting wars trying to kill each other off, everyone should be out desperately planting trees, hoping that the planet can make a comeback in time to survive.

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