The Real Turkey

Roland Stahl
January, 2023

     So Turkey is opposing the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland?  How about simply dropping Turkey from NATO, and then adding Sweden and Finland?  Turkey is not even in Europe, after all, and its government, a remnant of the Ottoman Empire, has been more aligned to the East than the West.  That character Erdogan has more in common with the Eastern Oligarchs than Western Democracies.  And I have always had a lot more sympathy for the Kurds than for the Turks.  

     [oops ~ I must carefully recognize and resist the unfair prejudice which extends from a few bad apples.  No, I don’t hate the Russians, the Israelis (certainly not the Jews), or even the Turks (even though my mother was Armenian, and almost the entirety of her extended family and whole generation were systematically annihilated by the Turks in 1915) ~ what I dislike is Vladimir Putin and his toadies, Netanyahu and the regime of the State of Israel, and Erdogan and his gang, along with other Yahoos too numerous to mention, not the innocent people living in those places.]

     What more can I say about the war in Ukraine?  In various articles I have mentioned the view of Hermetic alchemy, in which the various levels of consciousness can be compared with the planets and metals of astrology and alchemy and the colors of the aura.  For a long time now I have been wanting to set up a website which would display a map of the world colored in each region according to the color of the prevailing aura, or level of consciousness.  

     I don’t need to say much about most of those eight levels of consciousness, because in Ukraine there are only three levels going on, at the very bottom of the scale ~ Red: violence, aggression, attack; Purple: oppression, defeat, loss; and Black: death, darkness, and chaos.  This is the very bottom of the consciousness barrel, the Underworld of lying, cheating, fraud, theft, and murder ~ desperate people doing anything at all in order to survive, many of whom sliding relentlessly down into the Black.  

     Can’t they understand how wrong it all is?  [rhetorical question alert]  In the case of Israel, how can they not see themselves in the mirror image of their Holocaust?  It is the same systematic annihilation and massacre as Hitler killing the Jews in the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem, and it is the same colors of Red and Purple.  Is it some sort of pendulum swing that transforms the Purple of Hitler’s Jews into the Red of Israel exterminating the Palestinians as the Final Solution of the Palestinian Problem?  

     So my idea was that a Map in which every part of the globe would be painted according to its prevailing aura color (including a lot of Orange, and a few patches of Blue among the concentrations of Red, Purple, and Black) would show some of these Red States what the larger perspective was of the rest of the world.  Can’t they see in Russia that any use of military force is an admission of failure?  The only successful path forward is diplomacy, Blue, a much higher level.  

     In the case of Ukraine, the continued and determined resistance of Ukraine is reaching up to the level of Orange, conflict (or, in neutral applications “close engagement”), a big step up from the Red/Purple at the lower level.  There is a big difference between a massacre (Red/Purple) and a fight (Orange).  

     On the other hand, new paragraph please, moving the conflict in Ukraine from Red/Purple to Orange, is not necessarily a promising way forward.  In fact, the whole idea of an Orange conflict over there becomes tenuous ~ ask any graduate of Pentagon war game simulations about probable outcomes.  So the only continuation is (a quod est demonstrandum moment, trumpets fading to violins): Diplomacy (Blue).  For starters. how about status quo ante bellum?

     The only solution is for every warring nation to realize that fighting is always an admission of failure, and that every conflict must be resolved by diplomacy.  If someone were to show this article to Vladimir Putin, he might realize what an idiot he has been, to reveal how primitive they were, over in Russia.  Where is Talleyrand, now that they need him?

     Talking about strange bed fellows when it comes to political alliances (as Turkey in NATO), I recently noticed this quotation by Mark Twain: “Politicians and diapers have to be changed often, and for the same reason.”

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