Still Speechless

Roland Stahl
April, 2023

     I haven’t had much to say lately because I have said it all before, so many times.  In fact, I am beginning to feel like the old man who keeps telling the same old stories.  “Have you heard about the time when . . . ”  Yes, Dad, we have heard that one before.  Have some more crackers and milk?

     The point which continues to strike me so heavily and despairingly is that all of the escalating calamities afflicting our poor, God-forsaken planet are all related.  What we are experiencing are the death throes of our planet (Coagula on every hand disintegrating and falling apart towards Solve).  The imminence of the End Times has been predicted by every generation since Jesus Christ walked the earth, but it looks like we are finally heading into those troubled waters.  It is not as though no one has seen it coming.  Urgent warnings have been coming from every quarter of the globe for many years.  The problem is that the economic and political structure of the planet is totally unable to cope with the present collapse of our civilization and our biosphere.  

     As long as the planet is dominated by the Economic Jungle, there is just nothing that anyone can do to stop the rapacity of the Robber Barons ~ all of them, from Big Oil to Big Pharma to Big Tech, Big War, Big Land, Big Ag, and all the rest.  On every hand, Mr. Big is out to get as much as he can for himself, leaving as little as possible for everyone else.  Not the recipe for universal prosperity.  The Golden Age may be just around the corner, and I hope you all have your bags ready to collect the manna from Heaven.  Yes, I am deliberately revisiting all my old clichés, for literary effect.  

     Thank you to all those voices crying in the wilderness, like Extinction Rebellion currently making noises in the UK, even though they are all doomed and hopeless gestures.  Yes, we must all do whatever we can to oppose those 900 million tons of iron and steel plummeting downhill towards annihilation (on greased tracks), no matter how hopeless it is.  I have said it all before! I even remember that image of Daffy Duck with his hand upraised in a Stop sign in front of the plunging train.  Is there anything left in that bottle of absinthe?

     The only hope for the survival of the human race and planet earth is to change the fundamental structure of the economic and political organization of the planet.  If this is a totally impossible goal, then we are all doomed, here on the Eve of Destruction.  

     There must be a world-wide movement to establish a New Regime ~ the Return of the King, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Deus Ex Machina, or whatever you want to call it.  It all amounts to the same thing ~ God must be restored to His Chair of Authority, so the world can be restructured Ex Cathedra.  

     It is useless to talk about the program of regeneration ~ everyone knows what has to be done, at least in general terms.  We have the technology to restore the biosphere of the planet just as surely as we have the ability to feed all of the hungry people.  The only obstacles are economic and political.  

     It really seems hopeless.

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