Sex Metaphysics

Text: John XIII: 34-35

Roland Stahl
July, 2020

     The analogy of sex to the mysteries of philosophy, metaphysics, and theology is not accidental.  There is something about Life that is about as fundamental as it gets.  

     The mysteries of philosophy have been matched with the numbers of mathematics ever since Pythagoras pointed out the correspondence.  So, for example, the First and Original Mystery is associated with the Number One.  Sexually, it corresponds with Solitude or Death, depending upon your frame of reference.  I have otherwhere described this state as typical of the Priest, the Magician, or the Madman.

     The Number Two, the second of the primary mysteries of philosophy, corresponds with the pair bond, which has altogether different physical and metaphysical properties from Solitude.  This primary pair bond is the foundation of all of life.  The infinite pervasiveness of the properties of yang and yin, solve et coagula, are the basis of everything we know in the universe.  

     The Number Three, the third of the primary mysteries of nature, philosophy, and metaphysics is the number of magic, error, and change ~ the gateway to the infinite potential of the cosmos.  Sexually, the number Three is a triangle, intentional or otherwise, and the consequences are magnified exponentially.  Three is the number of change, but this potential for change is the key underpinning the mystery of the phenomenon of being ~ ontology: how is it that there is any universe here at all, instead of just nothing?

     In terms of the sexual relations between people in some triangular relationship, the potential for change can go rapidly or slowly towards ongoing manifestation.  As the changes go more slowly, the status tends to move from a binary polarity into a more complex field of energy.  As the changes go more quickly, the status moves rapidly through accelerating change toward a tipping point of explosion into chaos, or back to the stability of the binary pair bond.  

     From the point of view of social dynamics, the most important distinction is between solitude and bondage.  Even though persons related in triangular bonds are vastly different, socially, from the more common pair bonds, the gulf between anyone bonded in any way and those who are alone is orders of magnitude greater than any bonding variations.  Solitude is home to a very unique state of consciousness, but it is not for everyone, and, for the most part, it is best and most effectively experienced in moderation.  

     After all of this preamble, here is the thesis ~ that there are far too many people in this world who are alone! Solitude is at the root of a large part of the suffering and violence in the world today.  I think that it is the single most important social issue, world-wide.  In other words, for all of the endless manifestations of social problem, in almost every case the problems may be more quickly and effectively ameliorated by evolutions away from solitude than by any other approach.  This can even be applied to problems on a global scale.  Wherever in the world there are intense social problems, there is it most important to facilitate the matching up of single persons into pair bonds.  At this level of sex metaphysics, of course, the same patterns will be seen regardless of the genders or ages of the bonded pairs.  

     As we have elsewhere detailed, there are seven different patterns of the pair bond, comprising the range of consciousness described by the Hermetic alchemists as the evolution from Lead to Gold, so, for the amelioration of social problems, we look for pair bonding in the upper half of the aura spectrum (vide: The Colors of the Aura, and The Metaphysics of Sex).  

     As to the elevation of status from the pair bond to the triangle, that depends upon the advisability of encouraging or retarding the potential for change, bearing in mind that a state of rapid change can either go up or down; it can get better, or it can get worse.  

     From a geo-political or geo-social point of view, it appears that the current rapid state of change is riding us very hurriedly to Hell ~ towards death, destruction, and chaos.  So the most urgent thing to do, while we are planting 300 trillion trees, is to promote the pair bonding of single people as high up in the aura spectrum as possible.

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