Ranked Choice Voting

Roland Stahl
June, 2024

     I have lost track of how many times I have urged the imperative need to institute Ranked Choice Voting.  We saw the textbook illustration of the problem in George Bush vs Al Gore vs Ralph Nader.  Vote for Ralph Nader and you throw the election to George Bush.  Now we have a similar situation shaping up: Donald Trump is well past his sell-by date (and beginning to smell like old fish), but Joe Biden passed his date long ago.  What to do?

     Biden should have retired with honor after his first term and let some younger people carry the torch for a new generation; but, no, he had to miss his cue, and remain on the stage, perhaps seeking the masochist’s pleasure of being pelted with rotten tomatoes (and Old Stinky Fish, himself).  Increasingly there are calls for third party candidates to step forward, as many voters find that they just can’t stomach either Donald Trump or Joe Biden.  If ever there were a time for a third party candidate, now is the time!

     But any third party candidate stands no chance at all the way our system is currently set up.  It is not clear which of the two front running candidates would benefit from any spoiler action, but the whole program would be a horrible mess no matter what the outcome.  Whoever gets elected will be blamed for the spoiler effect confusion, and the whole spectacle will be a huge embarrassment for Democracy.  With Ranked Choice Voting, one could vote for whatever third party one preferred, even more than one, if as many as five voting choices be allowed.  In the present example, one could vote for four Alternatives before finally giving one’s fifth vote to Joe Biden, so that the results of voting would show the actual intentions of the People, down to the last vote.  

     With the freedom to vote for any alternative candidate without causing a political catastrophe (for example, the election of some maniac like Donald Trump, or some senile blockhead like Joe Biden ~ Daffy Duck or Howdy Doody?), then everyone could freely vote their first choice for the top ballot spot.  Within a couple of voting cycles, third parties would blossom and offer serious alternatives to the constipated parties of Business, As Usual.  The evolution of new parties would interject some novelty into the system, which is the source of Change.  To continue the metaphor, novelty and change is the cure for constipation.  We need some change, so we need to provide an opening so that it can happen; let the magic in.  

     If only everyone would listen to me, I could straighten out the world’s problems very quickly. It would be even better if I didn’t have to keep repeating myself so much.  When I make a declaration ex Cathedra, anyone might pick it up and run with it immediately.  It’s all channeled directly from Cosmic Consciousness, which is God.  

     Start by planting more Trees.  We need to restore the Ancient Forest if the human race is to have any chance of survival.  


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