Counter Offer to the Peace Plan of the Century

Roland Stahl
January, 2020

     The Peace Plan of the Century proposed by the Trump regime is not quite right yet.  It still needs a little work.  Here is a modified proposal which should be accepted and welcomed by everyone.  Indeed, it could very well earn the title of Peace Plan of the Century.

     The essence of the plan is quite simple ~ since proposals for a Two State Solution have proven to be unacceptable, we now propose a One State Solution.  The entirety of the area of the former Palestine should evolve into a single state, constituted as a liberal and secular parliamentary democracy.  Free elections by all residents of the land may elect representatives to form a government.  

     This plan is a simple and obvious solution to this long standing problem.  Of course it will be written into the new Constitution that neither Jews, Palestinians, nor anyone else may have any of their civil or human rights abridged.  As long as such guarantees are given, I am sure that all residents of that contested land will eagerly embrace this new Peace Plan.

     Let all the bells ring with Hosannas of joy!

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