The End is Near

Roland Stahl
June, 2021

     The current drought “is on track to become the worst that we’ve seen in at least 1,200 years,” said Kathleen Johnson, a paleoclimatologist at the University of California, Irvine.

     Well, go ahead and wring your hands in despair.  The destruction of our Earth should have been addressed sixty years ago, or two hundred years ago.  Even now, when the walls are caving in all around us, most people of the earth just stupidly plod along, worrying more about the arrangement of flowers on the coffin than the survival of life on earth.  The world is not only hotter and drier; it is burning up.  Who is going to affect surprise when the coming fire season again ravages the Southwest?

     As I have said in earlier articles, all of the unrest and commotion currently raging on the earth can be traced to the declining levels of vitality remaining to our sorry and dying planet.  And still the band plays on as the Titanic sinks.  Oh, it is a badly overworked image of the vacuousness of the response to catastrophe, but it states the case rather starkly – we are going down, and not only does no one know what to do, but most people just shrug it off as inevitable.  

     But what visionaries find most frustrating is that there actually are possible, or at least reasonable, approaches towards the amelioration of the worst of the calamities facing us.  The problem is that what is needed is a more radical transformation of every aspect of life on earth than has ever been attempted or considered before.  And we are not talking about the gradual evolution of life on the planet over the next one or two thousand years – we are talking about the implementation of a radical program that should begin by next Tuesday, if we can wait that long.  

     I am not just talking about everyone ignoring my own proposed solutions to the problems – to my dismay and unbelief, I find no one, anywhere, suggesting any possible directions towards any other possible solutions!  “C’mon, man!”  At the very least, let us set up some international commission to consider the problem and come up with some possible plans to address the problems going forward.  Planting a billion trees here and there is fine, but they are drops in the ocean – we need trillions of trees planted – every year from now on, for as long as life might persist.

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