The Meaning of Life

Roland Stahl
May, 2024

     At last!  Some good news: “US signals support for possible ICC sanctions over Israel warrants.”  But then, when I go to read the article, it turns out that the sanctions under discussion are sanctions against the International Criminal Court for daring to suggest that Israel had done anything wrong!  We are told that the I CC has made a “profoundly wrong-headed decision.”  That’s worse than Donald Trump instigating an insurrection when he fails to get re-elected.  Both the United States and Israel need to take off their blinders and see what they look like in the eyes of the rest of the world.  Both countries are acting from a very primitive level of consciousness.  But since levels of consciousness have been plunging precipitously all over the planet, it is all the more important for some visionaries to exercise some leadership at a higher level, to guide this wayward planet back to health, because, of course, the planet’s prevailing level of consciousness is directly related to the prevailing level of biological health.  As one goes down, so does the other.  It is the unintended consequence of climate change.  

     Oh, how the mighty are fallen!  This used to be a great country (relatively speaking) as recently as 1950, but it’s all over now, Baby Blue.  

     The rate at which stuff that goes on in this world is spinning out of control is rapidly accelerating.  I must be getting old, if everything I see happening is wrong, wrong, wrong, and getting worse.  I take some comfort from the fact that most of my views align with those of the very young, who are concerned about climate change, and consider it a real issue, unlike the endless parade of useless news that is just out there to distract us from what is really going on.  Most young people, all over the world, want to see charges dropped from Julien Assange (and given a Congressional Medal of Honor, into the bargain), and are strenuously opposed to the genocide perpetrated by the State of Israel against the Palestinian people, who were living on the land before the Jews came along to take it from them.  

     Anytime I say things like this I have to repeat that I do not dislike Jews ~ it is the odious State of Israel and its leaders that I dislike, with their unreconstructed view of Zionism ~ very Old Testament, and repugnant to modern sensibilities.  In the same way, I do not dislike the Russian people or the American people; I just dislike the wicked governments of same.  

     What else do we agree on, young people and I ?  ~ the insurgents in Burma (calling itself Myanmar, these days), and the people of Ukraine, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, all of whom want to be free.  Tax the rich, especially billionaires, who can most easily afford it, and, in return, provide a Universal Basic Income for the rest of us (similar to my suggestion of Free Farms ~ I still like the free farm idea; it’s more fun, cheaper to implement, and an altogether better solution for people who run out of money).  Tax Big Oil and any other criminal gang profiteering from the rape of the earth.  Settle international disputes by diplomacy instead of war.  Free the herb, of course, but free LSD, too, and all the rest of the agents of change, while we are at it.  Free people should be allowed to make their own choices about the way they want to live their lives [thank you, Jimi Hendrix].  Education should be the only legal recourse against anything with which one has a problem.  If people want to tattoo their bodies, change their gender, abort their children, love someone whom other people consider inappropriate [which is worse ~ loving someone of an “inappropriate” age, gender, or status, or not loving anyone at all?], jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, or otherwise behave in ways at variance with the dominant paradigm, it is nobody’s business but those who are directly involved.  

     I think the voting age should be twenty-five.  Anyone over that age shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  

     There is a reason why the large strand of human energy flows in the way that it does, but creative variations all around the central cord, in constant search of an alternative, are the energy of creative evolution, the endless quest for novelty.  It’s the Meaning of Life, after all.

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