The Good Old Days

Roland Stahl
October, 2023

We create our own Universe ~ old hippie slogan

     Some things never change.  In every generation, for the last ten thousand years, at least, the old men have looked back upon their lives and seen how everything has gone to Hell in their lifetimes, and they end their days with their cronies, lamenting the lost “good old days.”  In almost every case, of course, they were perfectly correct ~ our world has indeed been going steadily downhill for as long as anyone can remember.  Sure, there have been astonishing advances in technology, from fire to the wheel, the printing press, the telephone, the automobile, the airplane, the bomb, the computer, the internet, and AI, but no matter how far we progress technologically, there is some dimension in which the impact of human beings upon the planet has been progressively destroying the biological vitality of the earth we live on.  And when our earth loses biological vitality, consciousness dims, and everything falls apart on every level; negative factors compound the rates at which things are hurtling out of control, and everything rushes to chaos (death) at an increasing tempo, under an increasing cloud of accumulated negative energy (karma), which continues to drag down the levels of consciousness everywhere.  When you’re dying, almost any earlier time was the good old days.  

     On the other hand, it would be just as easy to observe how nothing that’s going on currently is anything new.  Flood, Fire, Famine, Pestilence?  Black Plague?  Wars going on everywhere?  Crimes amounting to genocide?  A dime a dozen.  Anyone reviewing the history of almost any part of the world over almost any time frame would be appalled by the crimes and atrocities being committed, left and right.  It wouldn’t improve anyone’s mood to detail any specific crimes ~ and I think somewhere I have already mentioned the entertaining series of books by Alexandre Dumas called Celebrated Crimes.  In case anyone doesn’t know, old Dumas wrote a lot more than the Musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo.  For some good, edifying bedtime reading, try The History of the Borgias.  

     So, maybe it has always been this bad, and we are just lucky to be alive.  In either case, is there any hope going forward?  Not much.  I am having trouble understanding the news.  I couldn’t understand why Russia would invade Ukraine.  What could they ever have hoped to accomplish?  It is so nonsensical ~ the only way I can understand it is to consider that it is a response dictated by physical and chemical pressures on the planet, not conscious thought.  If you imagine the energies ~ political, social, and economic ~ coursing around the world like weather patterns, then storms just form as a means of dissipating excess accumulations of tension.  In other words, the war between Russia and Ukraine is just a pressure relief valve ~ there is so much pressure and tension that they just have to fight a war to release some of that nervous tension.  It is not rational.  None of the war actions can have the remotest possibility of producing any positive outcomes for either side.

     And now Israel.  I have expressed many times my astonishment that neither the Israelis nor anyone else in the world seems to see the energy rebounding off the Holocaust as the Jews turn to the genocide of Palestinians.  It is madness.  It makes no sense at all.  But even more astonishing (along the order of “Of course Donald Trump is a blithering idiot, but how come so many Americans support the guy?”) there is the question of why the United States government continues to support the State of Israel, as it doubles down in its campaign to exterminate the Palestinians.  

     Again I ask, “What could the Palestinians have hoped to gain by their assault on Israel on October 7th ?  Couldn’t they anticipate that Israel would make a furious response?  But then, what could the State of Israel hope to gain by this intensified counter-attack upon the Palestinians?  Can’t they anticipate the backlash, not only from Iran and other Muslim countries, but from everywhere else?  How do they think it’s going to end?   Status quo ante bellum is almost always better for both sides in any conflict ~ a lot better.  

     The only explanation for any of this is that all of these warmongers are just helpless automatons, going though reflexive motions, oblivious to the long term consequences.  All of it, endless war all over the world, is just an inevitable manifestation of the overwhelming cloud of negative karma that has been accumulating for so long, and we are all just puppets, dancing on strings, with no rational conscious design directing our energies.  Now, as the planet enters a more extreme phase of its descent into biological death, all of the forces compelling all these unconscious zombies from rushing headlong into endless war have just been ratcheted up a few notches, dragging way down the diminishing hope for anything to turn this around before all is lost.  

     What a sad end to such a promising species!  God help us.

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