Droughts and Floods

Roland Stahl
July, 2021

     Here I am in California, very worried about the extreme drought, the scorched earth, and the raging wildfires ~ and this is before the main “Fire Season” has really begun!  And yet, while we are baking under this preview of Hell, worried about our springs drying up, our plants parched, our earth cracking up, with barely enough water for laundry or showers ~ and then we read about the catastrophic floods in Europe, and we wonder what’s going on in the world.  

     And yet, there is no mystery about it.  For as long as I can remember, I have understood that the only hope for the survival of life on earth is to plant more trees! It’s not just about the carbon storage ~ trees retain water during the rainy seasons and gradually give it back through springs during the dry seasons.  With the trees gone, the rains come with increasingly devastating force, causing catastrophic flooding and soil erosion, and then when the dry seasons come there is no water to relieve the parched earth.  The whole earth is a single ecological system ~ the floods in Europe and the droughts in California are all related, and both problems could be ameliorated (over the course of perhaps the next thousand years ~ an ecosystem can be destroyed in a decade or two, but it might take a millennium to restore that ecosystem back to health) by planting trees by the millions, by the billions, and by the trillions.  

     And nothing else will do much good.  So go out and plant some Trees, or start preparing to meet thy God.


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