The Finger of God

Roland Stahl
November, 2019

     “The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it seems pointless.” ~ Steven Weinberg.  

     Oh, no ~ the universe is brilliant!  As I said so felicitously and mellifluously somewhere earlier, the universe expanding with endless novelty into ever greater complexity is God’s way of living forever without getting bored.  The universe is an endless exploration and celebration of the Quest for Novelty.  

     There it is ~ the Meaning of Life, and the solution to the enigma of why there should be any universe here at all, instead of simply nothing.  I seem to be just summing up here because I come again to the origin of the universe as Eros, forever reaching out into Novelty; but remembering also that this is just one Person of the Trinity of God (the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Ghost).  And all three come into Being simultaneously, habens tres partes Philosophiae totius Mundi.  Completum est quod dixi de Operatione Solis.  And the universe thence proceeding is the Laughter of God, unfolding into the infinity of eternity.  

. . .

     I have been thinking of the idea of quantum uncertainty ~ that “anything,” in order to exist at all, must exist as both some thing and it’s opposite, after the epiphany of Heraclitus.  And they can reverse into their opposite expression at any time, randomly ~ it is just the fundamental nature of reality.  But the inherent uncertainty of quantum physics becomes more and more averaged out when you consider higher (more complex) levels of manifestation.

     However, this ripple of uncertainty can always bubble up into any level, creating an apparent anomaly, or error.  The potential for this error is at the heart of the creation of the cosmos.  What we refer to elsewhere as Eros, and the endless Quest for Novelty, we are here looking for the equivalent mathematical expression, and I want to illustrate this with a computer program.  Let us take, for example, a program that generates a continuously expanding fractal.  Now, suppose we introduce a bug into the program that allows (with an average random degree of frequency depending on the complexity of the program) any pair of bits to switch into their opposite expression, on or off, yang or yin.  Now we run the program and see what happens.  By tinkering with this rate of novelty, we might generate programs of varying levels of interest, an examination of which might suggest interesting speculations.  It would probably have to be rare, because unrestrained error would probably quickly crash most programs.  In terms of the replication of fractals, it might be pretty interesting.  The range of “useful” rates might be narrowed down to some theoretical range, varying from radical change to very slow evolution.  Too far to the left beyond radical change leads to explosive expressions, and too far to the right leads to stasis and constipation.  (You are welcome to compare political analogues.)

     Now, over and above all of this “random change,” is the teleology sufficient to suggest evidence of design?  Is the principle of design anything more than the endless novelty, or is the finger of God somewhere in evidence?   (I am wondering if there is any way that the sense of that line might be perverted, but any such efforts seem to be meaningless.  Perhaps someone with the patience and afflictions of Job might lament ruefully at the finger of God ruining his life.  Hey, I guess that works, but it’s not how I meant it.)  But perhaps half the time the finger of God sends blessings, but the other half brings affliction.  So believers in God’s goodness and mercy will consider all of their blessings and be grateful and thankful, all the while trying to ignore or transcend all of their afflictions, but there may be others for whom the finger of God has given them nothing but sorrow.  Am I avoiding the Question, or is it unanswerable?  I want to believe in a search for the Good, not just a mindless quest for Novelty.  This has to be the Holy Ghost, making order out of chaos.  But in the quest for this ultimate Good, there is certainly a whole lot lost in the debris from the finger of God.  

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