End the War Now

Roland Stahl
July, 2022

     This war in Ukraine is just the latest bleeding ulcer on this planet of ours.  Yes, even the Russian invasion of Ukraine, just as much as Climate Change, the Pandemic, and the Plague of Frogs, are all caused by the collapsing levels of planetary consciousness in a devastating feedback loop that bodes not well for survival.  The threat to the survival of life on earth is so great that the most desperate temporary measures have to be implemented immediately.  In order to save the patient, immediate intervention is required.

     This conflict in Ukraine is so stupid, but there will be no way to stop it without the intervention of a Higher Power, and there isn’t any in evidence at present, at least not on Earth.  When two schoolboys fight, either one or the other is defeated, and, if you are Achilles, you hitch his body to your chariot by his heels, and ride around and around the plain of battle, with your foe’s body bouncing in the dust for all to see from both sides of the conflict, in order to inflict maximum humiliation on the defeater warrior.  (Homer’s Iliad is really pretty funny, a laugh a minute.)

     So, absent the Higher Power, the only thing to do is to withdraw from the conflict on whatever terms are demanded.  This will probably mean formal recognition of the independence of Crimea and the eastern Donbas provinces (or their integration into Mother Russia), as well as the stipulated neutrality of Ukraine, with no more talk of joining Europe.  

     But it will be a Pyrrhic victory.  Russia may end up “owning” some more hectares of land, but it will have to maintain them by employing a constant garrison of troops to oppose an ongoing insurgency, at great expense.  The whole adventure will have cemented the rest of Europe into the strongest bonds it has ever had in opposition to Russia.  What price victory?  The sanctions will be maintained, and the Russian economy will struggle along, falling deeper into poverty just like the rest of the world, as the declining planetary aura drags everyone down.  The cumulative cost of raging fires, tropical storms, mass shootings, melting ice caps, pandemics, and war will gradually drag down the overall prosperity everywhere, with accelerating dolorous effect.  Russia will have gained nothing by its tantrums, except to be pushed down even further.  This is such an explosive situation that it almost seems inevitable that it will finally go up in smoke, as Armageddon finally brings us to the End Times, and we get to discover what those end times really are.  And when we die we will understand what we mean by eternal life.  

     No, if there is to be any hope of survival, we have to stop the warfare going on before we can begin to address the rest of the problems raining down upon those of us who are still surviving in these last days of the human race on earth.  The only long term hope of turning this collapse around is to raise the planetary consciousness as quickly as possible.  What a tall order!  The idea of my proposed website (GaiaAura.com) dramatically showcasing the declining Aura of the planet in dying color, is to make the reality of the situation starkly clear to everyone.  All of the areas of greatest problem on the planet will stand out vividly by the color of the prevailing aura.  But understanding the problem is only the barest beginning – to actually initiate a process of raising the Aura, it will take either another incarnation or Avatar of God, or else a great many millions of trips of LSD distributed all over the earth.  Or perhaps both at once.



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