The Cycle of Drought and Floods

Roland Stahl
September, 2022

     I read about the cycle of drought and floods, and it is as though no one seems to understand the important role of trees to stabilize the cycle of the weather.  With the loss of the trees, the soil cannot hold water, so everything dries out, and vegetation dies.  Then when the rains come onto parched ground, devastating floods ensue.  Is this rocket science?

     Trees are not only the best natural carbon sink ~ they also maintain the integrity of the land and soil.  The roots hold the moisture in the soil, and the leaves shade the ground, protecting the shrubs and other smaller plants and people sheltering under the canopy of the trees, releasing the water gradually through springs throughout the year.  They also provide food.  I was reading about the carbon footprint of beef and other protein alternatives.  Of course, beef and other red meats are the worst, but other animal foods are also pretty bad.  The list goes down to vegetable sources of protein such as peas and beans and tofu, but there on the very bottom of the list is nuts, at a neat Zero carbon footprint.  But it is even less than zero ~ since orchards of nut producing trees sequester carbon as well as performing other valuable climate related services, the carbon footprint of nuts is a whole lot less than zero, in the same way that a bicycle is by far the cheapest mode of transportation ~ the dollar cost of riding a bicycle is way less than nothing, since it provides valuable health services to offset the negligible cost of buying and maintaining a bicycle.  

     So the conclusion?  Plant more Trees as if your life depended on it, eat less meat, eat more nuts, and trade in your car for a bicycle.

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