The Chain of Love

Roland Stahl
June, 2022

     There is a secret to love and sex and pleasure, and I wish more people would understand it.  The secret is that the most pleasure is felt by the person giving the love (Yellow, Tui, on the wheel of eight different metals, or levels of consciousness, of Hermetic Alchemy).  Receiving love (Green, Sun) is a very different kind of a pleasure, a receptive pleasure, in contrast with the expansive pleasure associated with giving love.  

     So many people do not know this, and lead very unsatisfactory sex lives and personal lives trying to find love, by which they think they mean finding people to love them.  The lesson is that if someone wants to discover all of the hidden delights and pleasures of sex, about which they have heard so many exciting rumors, all one needs to do is to find somebody to love, as the Jefferson Airplane advised us back in 1967, so long ago.  I heard them singing it live in a small club in Boston before anyone knew who they were.  Just imagine what a different world this might be (writing on 24 June, 2022) if Vladimir Putin had learned this lesson, or figured it out, at an early age.  If only someone could give him 500 mcg of LSD, even now, it might yet turn things around.  Unfortunately, Putin has a long climb ahead of him, operating, as he does, way down among the Red and Purple of Attack and Oppression, far below those of us who enjoy a more elevated consciousness.

     Plenty of people have been trying to give this secret away long before the Jefferson Airplane, starting with Jesus Christ, who, of course, was ahead of his time (old hippies will understand that the pun is intended).  

     Trying to figure out a way of promoting this idea, I came up with the Chain of Love.  To simplify a complex problem, when people meet, the interest is not necessarily balanced or equal.  Often one person may have an interest in drawing closer (boy chases girl) while the other person draws back (girl runs away).  This is a major cause of shyness ~ one may be afraid that the other person will not reciprocate the interest.  So the concept of the Chain of Love is not to reciprocate, but to pay it forward.  One finds someone else to whom one wishes to express love, and explains that, instead of reciprocation, the person is invited to pay it forward, expressing new love to someone else of their choice.  

     You don’t have to pass it on just once ~ anytime you wish to express unconditional love for someone on these terms, you can start a whole new chain of love.  How to express the love ?  Of course that would depend upon the persons involved, but a nice dinner followed by a full body massage would be an easy way to start.  Your paramour would probably feel very good, and will be motivated to pass on the chain of love.  Please don’t break the chain.

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