Big Brother Go Home

Roland Stahl
November, 2023

     I am sitting here baffled at the accelerating rate at which this world of ours is hurtling into the Abyss.  I want to say that there are so many things that I don’t understand, but I do understand them.  The reasons people have such appalling ideas and attitudes are all related to the plunging levels of consciousness everywhere.  You have to be lost in the despair of dystopia, or in the pay of the United States Arms and Munitions Industry, not to react with horror and disbelief at the genocide going on in Israel for the last seventy-five years.  And as to that appalling act of monumental stupidity, Putin’s war on Ukraine, that was yesterday’s news, ho hum.  As long as people are running on their reptilian brains, life is going to continue going on as per usual.  (Are they really fighting these wars so they can make more money selling more armaments worldwide ?)

     So, according to the Prior Problem theory, it is useless to attempt to change any of the horrendous things going on all around us without first addressing that level of consciousness.  For example, I can start right here, at today’s news, and wonder what Orwellian milestones we have passed years ago, and where we are going today, when I read that it is seriously proposed to send records of every book a child reads from the library to that child’s parents !  Even George Orwell never thought of that one !  Anyone with a mind-set that wants to implement such a policy should look around for someone to love, instead.  

     If our only hope for the future of the earth lies with the young people of today, please don’t limit their horizons.  Their search for knowledge and truth and light must be unfettered.  That is the only way we can outgrow our present predicament ~ by breaking through the inertia of the past, which is literally dragging us down.  

     Every new generation has not only the right, but the duty to take responsibility for the current state of their world (a paraphrase from the Declaration of Independence).  Something absolutely New has to happen, and happen pretty quickly.  The urgency increases exponentially every year, as this world spins out of control.  I think we need to have a transformative experience of Consciousness Change happening Now on this planet, and it has to carry the energy for enormous change, and all of that has to happen very fast ~ the greatest change in the history of the human race has to just happen Now, or we are done for.  

     We need another Avatar of God.  It comes down to that ~ God needs to appear about Now on our planet.  Why don’t we learn from the Tibetan lamas and look for the new incarnation of God ?  If we seek for God, we will find One.  They understood that, and it works that way.

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