Biden’s Mistake

Roland Stahl
October, 2023

     President Biden probably thinks he is being a loyal toady to the powerful Jewish Lobby by siding with the State of Israel in the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.  But, for this reason, American Jews must make it clear to President Biden that the State of Israel does not define what it means to be a Jew.  American Jews need to contact the White House in droves and explain that the President does not speak for them when he sides with the State of Israel in this ongoing problem.  

     And Problem it is! What a quagmire! My last article was all about the importance of going back to the Prior Problem when trying to solve a particular problem on the ground.  In the case of the State of Israel, I want to contrast two solutions to similar problems.  In 1947, as India became free of English rule, one of the largest migrations of people in history took place as Moslems packed up their lives and moved to the new Pakistan, while just as many Hindus moved their households, camels and all, over to the Hindu section of what would become the free India.  This was a huge undertaking, but it served largely to contain the opposition of Moslem and Hindu.  

     But then, in contrast with this, in 1948, the State of Israel was formed, but the founders of the state concealed their intention gradually to recover the entire area occupied (briefly) by the Jews of biblical times.  They pretended that, somehow, a separate state would be found for the Palestinians, whom the Jews displaced, while it has become increasingly evident that there was never any intention of holding anything less than the entire State of Judea as known to David and Solomon.  But what is to become of the people living there, those pesky Palestinians? Well, how about sweeping them under the rug?  Make it a gradual process, so that no one notices.  

     So, what do we do about the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews?  We must first address the prior problem ~ the creation of the State of Israel was fundamentally flawed because there was no provision made for the Palestinian people who were to be displaced.  

     I first proposed a solution to this problem back in 2006 (A Solution to the War in the Middle East), which still makes sense to me.  Basically, if the land just isn’t big enough for both Jews and Palestinians, the Israelis should buy out the Palestinians.  Negotiate a price; agree to it; begin making payments; and the Palestinians pack their camels and depart, shaking the dust from their sandals.  With their compensation package worth millions of dollars per family, they would hardly be refugees, but might choose from numerous options.  And the State of Israel would finally have recovered the whole of the State of Judea.  It may even soon be seen as a cheap price to pay.  Had it been enacted in 2006, none of the current horrors of war would have occurred, not to mention the endless war going forward.  

     But, in the meantime, tell Biden to back off.  He is not serving the interests of the Jewish people by backing the genocide of the State of Israel against the Palestinians.  Some problems are Black and White.  This one is horribly Grey (or, in another frame of reference, Red and Purple).

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