The Meaning of Life

Roland Stahl
May, 2024

     Last October I posted one of my most important articles, The Prior Problem, in which I indicated that when cascading problems are spiraling out of control, the most efficient way to address all the issues at once is to hark back to the Prior Problem in every case, working back and back until you finally come to the root of the problem.  In that article I worked back from the deteriorating environment to the loss of the trees, to the economic problems, to the political problems, and I finally reached the conclusion that there was no hope for any amelioration of the horrible mess on the ground in our world today until the issue of plummeting consciousness world-wide be first addressed.  

     So today, on Bicycle Day, commemorating the famous bicycle ride of Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD, I return to an idea I have expressed three or four times already, that what the world needs most urgently right now is a massive resurgence of LSD world-wide.  Now it is time to take my tongue out of my cheek ~ the repression of LSD is just one more symptom of the problem.  I remember, back in the 60s, that the most profound effects of LSD were not the pretty colors and psychedelic effects on the visual and auditory circuits of the brain, but the dramatic effects on fundamental consciousness, which increase with every repetition of the experience, leading ultimately to what is widely described as a religious experience, comparable to Saul’s blinding flash of light on the road to Damascus.  I have already said it all many times before, so of course I am repeating myself, but with every passing day the urgency increases ~ when you take a significant dose of LSD (300-500 micrograms, with appropriate set and setting), “you see God, and you love everyone.”

     The most memorable experience of the psychedelic era of the 60s was this feeling of cosmic unity and oceanic love for everyone ~ all people and all life, everywhere.  Of course the micro-brains of Vladimir Putin, Bibi Netanyahu, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and a host of other blithering idiots are in most urgent need of this transforming medicine, but there is a “100 monkey” effect when enough people world-wide all raise their consciousness from the horrible mire of Red and Purple up to the exhilarating expansiveness of Gold and Green (vide: The Colors of the Aura).  

     So I suggest that all people everywhere encourage their governments to release this and other doors to a wider universe and liberate the mind from the arbitrary restrictions of those pea-brains who are terrified of anything new that they cannot lock up or control.  The most repressive governments and governmental leaders are the most in need of such liberation, but everyone can benefit from the expansion of consciousness triggered by the wonderous experience of LSD.  

     By the way, in addition to celebrating Hofmann’s famous discovery, it is also appropriate to celebrate the Bicycle itself.  If everyone would trade in their automobile for a bicycle, that would go a long ways toward reducing the greenhouse gases which are a primary cause of climate change and, consequently, much of the planetary collapse of which we are now in the throes.  

     Happy Bicycle Day !

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