“Antisemitism” is a Fig Leaf

Roland Stahl
March, 2024

     I am so tired of people shrieking about “antisemitism” anytime anyone criticizes the disgusting and bloodthirsty government of Netanyahu and his gang of villains !  I am equally outraged and disgusted at that villainous scoundrel Putin, over in Russia, but that doesn’t mean that I hate the Russian people.  Trying to deflect any criticism of the State of Israel by crying “antisemitism!” is a flimsy ruse through which any intelligent person should immediately be able to see.  The Emperor of Israel is Wearing No Clothes, and he should be arrested immediately for indecent exposure ~ along with his other crimes, such as the genocide of the Palestinian people.  For the last fifty years or so this campaign of genocide, “the Final Solution of the Palestinian Problem,” has been carried out by slowly tightening the thumbscrews “so that nobody notices,” as the remnant of what was once Palestine is slowly and progressively degraded, in military terminology.  But, finally, with the connivance and complicity of the American government, and with President Biden principally and shamelessly responsible, they are taking off the mask and gloves, and they no longer seem to care what anyone else in the world may think about it, thumbing their noses with obscene raspberries.  

     I just have to interject, in this critical election year, that, deplorably wrong as Biden may be on this issue, he cannot be compared with The Mad Donald, who is so unspeakably bad that the fact that he continues to have so much support from the American people is a shameful and damning indictment revealing just how low the mighty United States has fallen, just over the course of my lifetime.  I have been writing of all the ominous signs of the imminent collapse, not only of the United States, but of the whole world, crushed under the weight of so many cascading catastrophes that the final end of the human race, probably with a Bang, has to be recognized as a clear possibility bordering on probability.  But if The Donald regains control at the helm of the Ship of State, watch out for icebergs ahead !  You have been warned, and not by me only !

     But, just as I cannot fathom why so many people persist in supporting the Mad Donald, I just cannot understand how so many people are content to wring their hands over the sorry plight of the Palestinian people and lament that there is nothing they can do.  Of course, it is hard to make much opposition to the Israeli pogroms when Biden and the United States government continue to send billions of dollars, and billions of dollars worth of arms, bombs, and rockets, in support of that rogue regime over in the land of Palestine, calling itself “the State of Israel,” displacing the people who were there before them.  But the final outrage is to insist that anyone who opposes the Zionist State of Israel and its campaign of annihilation and genocide is antisemitic !

     There are so many honest and honorable Jews who oppose the murderous regime of Netanyahu and his thugs that the State of Israel cannot claim to speak for either the Hebrew people or the Jewish religion, any more than that other principle war criminal of our time, Vladimir Putin, can claim to speak for the Russian people.  

     If the rulers of the State of Israel want to put a stop to the rise of “antisemitism,” they should stop disgracing the name of Judaism by their heinous crimes, so that people who cannot see beyond Netanyahu’s obscene fig leaf, and conflate the State of Israel and its crimes with the Jewish or Hebrew people, will have the principle driver of this modern “antisemitism” diminished.  Perhaps if Netanyahu and his government would make profound apologies to the Palestinian people, and offer substantial reparations for their war crimes, then, after a few generations, this tide of “antisemitism” may begin to recede.  

     And, while I am at it, clearing the table before lunch, if some Russian patriot, who loves his country and his children, would step up to the responsibility and put Putin out of his misery, then, after a few generations, what’s left of Russia (which has been almost as badly devastated as Ukraine) may gradually recover a place at the table of honest nations.  


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