Roland Stahl
March, 2021

     The Agenda follows the hierarchy of importance, whether the point of view is that of an individual, family, business, community, state, nation, or planet.  In every case, the first point is always survival.  From there it unfolds according to the particular situation.  But the agenda of any microcosm is impacted by the agenda of surrounding microcosms.  So, inevitably, the point of view must rise higher in scope until the largest field of vision be prospected.  That would be the point of view of our little Planet.  There may come a day when alien invasions from other galaxies may require a larger frame of reference, but, for now, I look at the prospects of biological survival of the planet Earth.  

     It seems to me that there are so many ways in which the conditions on Earth need to be radically altered and improved.  In order to make some order out of the current chaos, we use the hierarchy of importance to arrange our agenda.  The most pressing problem, superseding even the biological renovation and restoration of the planet itself, is all of the ongoing damage and destruction caused by that noxious vermin, the human race.  Something must be done to mitigate the rapacious damage caused by this pestilential species.  In the last century, the capacity of this species to destroy the Earth has greatly advanced, not only through destructive commercial practices raping and ravishing the Earth, but even the development of pure armature – devices whose whole purpose is large scale destruction on ever increasing scale.  We might even speak about the explosion of armament development in the last century, to use a term which graphically represents the problem.  

     So the most important item on our Agenda is to circumscribe the rampage of these terrifying creatures who are destroying the biological viability of our planet as we speak.  This is not going to be easy, but the planet has run out of time.  We are no longer talking about trends which will eventually compromise our planet’s integrity at some future date – we are now in the throes of the biological collapse of our planet, and urgent steps must be taken immediately to halt this accelerating collapse.

     Before we can propose some new international institution for supervising and regulating the activity of residents of the Earth, we must first agree on a program of planetary management which will most quickly and effectively curb the depredations of human activity.  The three most important projects are, in order, the restoration of Tree cover on the planet, the establishment and maintenance of Free Farms all over the planet where anyone can eat, sleep, and live for free, and a total overhaul of the economic basis responsible for regulating both money and power.  

     As to the planting of trees, this is the most urgent and essential task in defense of our mother Earth.  Anyone who is looking for work should be immediately and generously employed in planting trees, under the direction of the most knowledgeable tree scientists, who will map every square meter of our planet according to existing vegetation and tree cover, the potential of improved vegetation and tree cover, and the difference in value between them, so that action can be prioritized to the restoration of regions where the most important and effective advantages may be made to ameliorate the problems of erosion, desertification, and climate change.  

     Next, the time has come to end world hunger once and for all by finally setting up a network of Free Farms all over the Earth, where the poor and hungry may be given food to eat and a place to live for free.  This would, at a stroke, solve so many social problems in the most effective way.  So much theft, deceit, murder, and war is caused by the needs of personal survival all over the Earth.  The institution of Free Farms would eliminate so many of the causes of social problems and internecine strife, and do so at negligible cost.  This will not even be hard to do, and an enormous dark cloud over the human race and the Earth may begin finally to dissipate.  

     Next, the reinvention of the meaning and role of money will allow for a rapid movement towards economic equilibrium everywhere.  The essential idea is that the government should provide services benefitting the masses of the people, especially the poorest, while being paid for by a tax on the wealthy.  I consider the problem of economic stimulus by government spending.  It is pretty widely understood that government spending, indeed, spending by anyone, anywhere, will stimulate the economy, but some people don’t seem to consider the form in which such stimulus spending takes place.  In the short term, any kind of spending will achieve an economic stimulus.  It may hardly seem to matter, in the short term, whether the spending is planting trees, supporting health and education, improving civic infrastructure, or military spending – weapons, bombs, and the outfitting of armies of soldiers marching off to war.  However, the longer term prosperity depends very much upon the value received for the money expended.  Whenever spending money is put to good uses, it will enhance the overall prosperity of the planet; where money is used, on the other hand, for the negative consequences of destruction and war, it will drive the planet into poverty, exacerbating tensions which will lead to more war, and the continuing cycle of ongoing destruction leading rapidly to chaos and the biological death of the planet.

     Spend money wisely and well, expanding tree cover and financing the rapid development of alternative renewable resources, for example, and pay for it with a tax on the wealthy.  By following this agenda, the world may literally and figuratively cool down, and life may go on.

     quod erat demonstrandum.

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