Roland Stahl
May, 2022

     All the Liberals are up in arms about the pending betrayal of the Supreme Court, but it is not up to the Supreme Court to rule on this issue.  Questions about the value or morality of abortion, and even the question of whether or not a majority of the American people want access to abortion are just not relevant to the Supreme Court.  The Judiciary is an altogether different arena from Legislation.  As I understand the issue, the Constitution has nothing to say about any question of abortion, therefore it is simply not up to the Judiciary to rule on this issue.  The problem thus becomes very simple ~ if a majority of the American people wish to have access to abortion, then it is up to Congress to address the question and pass appropriate laws.  Is this so difficult?  I understand that Congress is run by petulant schoolboys these days who really haven’t any interest in what is good for the country ~ they only want to serve their own interests, and the entire Republican party just votes reflexively against any legislation proposed by the Democratic administration (at great waste of the tax-payers’ money ~ how about abolishing the Senate altogether?), but, on the present question, with a large majority of the American people in favor of legal access to abortion, perhaps some Republicans might prefer to consider their chances of re-election rather than mindlessly rubber stamping the decrees of the Republican Party.  Even without abolishing the filibuster, it ought to be possible to line up at least 60 votes in favor of a legal abortion measure.  

     If they absolutely can’t do it, then perhaps it is time for a Constitutional Convention to come up with a system of government that might be more responsive to the will of the people.  The simplest fix would be simply to abolish the Senate entirely, as mentioned above ~ the Senators are just drones living like parasites off the body politic who serve no useful function whatsoever ~ waste ’em.  


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