This is the Ancien Regime

Roland Stahl
December, 2020

     What does it mean that the Stock Market goes roaring on in the midst of a horrible pandemic and a catastrophic economic collapse going on all around us?  It means that the divergence between the wealthy few at the top and the impoverished many on the bottom has never been so great since the Ancien Regime which preceded the Revolution in France.  

     This is one of the hallmarks of the end of a State’s political run, along with increasing military involvement as the solution to problems.  People are beginning to notice this (understatement alert), but no one seems to have any clue about what to do about it, or what to do next.  I was reading one of the liberal columnists who was saying that all we can do is to oppose the establishment in any way we can, trying to bring it down, in hopes that something better will follow.  

     Oh, yes; the present establishment has to come down, all right.  The de facto basis of authority and power anywhere in the world is Capital, Money, and it is destroying our world.  But it seems to me that it is a good idea to have some alternative in mind to propose before you advocate for demolition.  

     The root of the problem is that the struggle for money continues to play out it’s merry game using capital in the same way that the jungle of warring sovereign states has historically used military might.  The wars of Power and Money continue to rage all over the planet, pummeling it into dust under the heel of so much violent commotion.  Yes, the Masters of the Universe keep increasing their advantage at the tables of the stock market, while soldiers continue to die inflicting mayhem and devastation all over the earth, and many people are going hungry.  

     The Global political landscape is bleak.  All over the planet there are insane pockets of depravity, with sovereign states ruled over by severely psychotic despots, like the recently dethroned basket case in that sorry United States of America.  We would need a pretty big basket to hold all of the lunatics running around in charge of national governments.  

     Among the problems facing the world, the most critical one is the collapse of our biosphere as the planet dries out, burns up, and blows away while we speak or write.  The current pandemic is merely a distraction taking our attention away from the truly existential crisis that faces us over our changing climate ~ dying oceans, toxic sludge replacing lost topsoil, deforestation of our planet, increasing storms and fires all the time, until Man, after destroying the habitat for everyone else on the planet, finds himself facing a rapidly degrading habitat of his own.  These problems are just too serious to let everything coast along by inertia, leaving the Wealth and the Power to go on raping what’s left of the planet, oblivious to the consequences of their depredations.  

     Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil should be shot at dawn, along with the directors of Monsanto and other malefactors, or at least they should all be tarred and feathered and run out of town on rails, the way they are doing to Bolsonaro’s northern counterpart.  A Change has got to come, and it can’t happen soon enough ~ how about Tuesday ?

     Ex Cathedra ~ All deforestation must cease forthwith.  A massive program of tree planting must be implemented immediately, world-wide.  All usage of fossil fuels must be so very heavily taxed so that bicycles will become the primary vehicle of locomotion, and airplanes and rockets to the moon must be entirely phased out.  We must have an immediate network of free farms for the indigent where anyone can live for free, anywhere in the world.  

     There is a lot more that needs to be done, but those are some of the main headings.  I have written elsewhere of how all of this can be implemented, so I do not repeat it here.

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