Free Farm Bulletin Board

     If you have a Free Farm situation to offer, or if you are looking for one, drop us a line to our email address: [email protected]   From time to time we have space available at our main location in Northern California.

      Live and farm in Western Massachusetts near Amherst and the Five College Area on a beautiful 9 acre farm, Juniper Hill Farm.  We are a developing Botanical Sanctuary for Medicinal Plants and Organic Farm overlooking the Berkshires in the Pelham Hills.  We have an organic egg co-op with various flower, herb, and vegetable gardens.  Help wanted for terracing, bed planting, weeding, composting, permaculture design and implementation, orchard work, beekeeping, and raising chickens.  1-3 people wanted with experience or interest in peaceful and ecological living and many aspects of homesteading and farming.  Excellent references required.
      Please contact Sandy or Liana at Juniper Hill Farm: [email protected], or [email protected] or call 413 259 1730 for further info.

     From time to time space is also available at the Maui branch of the Church of the Living Tree. Address inquiries directly to Mark R. Hanson, P.O. Box 669, Makawao, HI 96768. (808 575-9449)

     We receive occasional written inquiries from persons looking for a Free Farm situation. Please write to us if you have a situation to offer them. [email protected]

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